Posted by haydn-an Tuesday, November 10, 2020

[TW/CW] Shocking surveillance footage of an extremely violent fight between a young man and woman stirs the web


[TW/CW: Trigger Warning/Content Warning - Violence]

Amid the recent emergence of dating violence as a major social issue, surveillance footage of a young man and woman engaging in an extremely violent fight in Deokcheon Underground Shopping Center in Busan has caused a stir.

The two individuals exchanged blows with each other. However, the man has been criticized for being overly abusive as he kicked the half-fainted woman in the head. He was also seen hitting the woman's face multiple times with the cellphone after she was unconcious. The relationship between the two individuals has not been identified, but they are assumed to be a dating couple.

In the video footage taken on November 7, the man and woman are seen walking at an underground shopping mall in Busan. By the looks of the two, it is presumed that they are both drunk. 

At first, the woman is the first to hit the man. She slaps him across the face with her palm. Then the man is seen fighting back as the woman becomes more aggressive in her motions.

Then the man punched the woman in the face with full force. She is seen falling to the ground, but the man does not stop there. The man continues to kick the woman in the face and hit her multiple times with the cell phone. After the woman almost loses consciousness, the man is seen kicking the woman's head as he walks away.

On November 10th, the Busan Metropolitan Police and the Busan Northern Police station reported that the man in the video turned himself in after seeing the videos on the web. 

The man in his twenties stated to police that the two started an argument after his girlfriend refused to show him her cell phone. He stated, "I got into an argument because she wouldn't show me her cellphone." 

It was revealed the woman refused to file a report with the police and went home after the police were dispatched.

Currently, the police are re-investigating the whereabouts of the young woman.

Video footage of the incident:

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borahae6,867 pts Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

hitting unconscious person should absolutely be legally punishable, no matter what their gender is. but this douche is going to get slap on the wrist because he is going to claim the inhumane SK "I was drunk" defense BS.


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kagayakugucci6,511 pts Tuesday, November 10, 2020 9
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Before the hot takes start, everyone has the right to self defense, but legally speaking, the appropriate intensity of force has to be used for it to qualify as such. Smashing a passed out person's face into the ground is an assault. These two are not "equally bad."


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