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Netizens shocked after learning about this man appearing as a freshman at 48 different colleges


Recently, many netizens were shocked when a story of 48 "doppelganger" who appeared in 48 different colleges hit the news.

SBS's show 'Unanswered Questions' aired an episode about a person who appeared in 48 different colleges as a freshman. The episode was also uploaded on their YouTube channel on October 9th.

On this day, the 'Unanswered Questions' production team received various tips about a freshman who attends 48 different universities across the nation. Every time this freshman was seen, he had a different name but had the same face - as if a doppelganger.

The first informant is Kim Kyung Soo, a student attending Hongik University. When the informant saw the freshman, Kim Kyung Soo thought the man was strange. This was because he saw another person who looked the same attending Seoul National University under the economics major.

This doppelganger also appeared as a freshman at 48 major universities across the country, including Inha University, Yonsei University, Korea University, Handong University, and more. It was revealed that he is also part of various clubs in these universities as well as school trips.

All the informants explained that the doppelganger all appeared as a freshman at their college but was dressed differently, giving off a different vibe.

This doppelganger man asked various seniors to buy him expensive food and asked to stay at various classmates' dorms and homes.

Many netizens were even more shocked to find out that this same man has been a freshman in several universities for several years. This was confirmed through multiple photos submitted by the informants.

It turned out that the doppelganger man has been pretending to be a freshman since six years ago. He had been actively involved in club activities in addition to attending the freshmen orientations.

There were incidents in which his classmates caught his identity, and he even wrote multiple apology letters. However, he still did not stop pretending to be a freshman.

This doppelganger man even committed the crime of stealing personal information of actual freshmen attending the universities. One informant stated that he was threatened by the man. The doppelganger man had stolen his identity and attended the freshmen orientation in his place. 

The informant stated that he received a text message stating that the freshmen orientation had been postponed. When the informant confirmed with his friend that the orientation was not postponed, the informant showed up at the orientation. That is when the doppelganger man threatened the informant telling him to leave.

According to the neuropsychiatrist, Son Seok Han, this phenomenon is called Ripley's syndrome. The neuropsychiatrist stated, "The individual will begin to believe in the lie if the individual continues to lie like a habit."

It seems that the doppelganger man is suffering a sociopathic disorder in which he denies his reality and believes in the fictional world to be the reality.

The doppelganger man met with the production team of 'Unanswered Questions' and stated that he just wanted to go to a university where he can make intelligent friends. He also revealed that he was deeply hurt when his friend's father ridiculed him saying, "Why weren't you able to go to a better school if you took the college entrance exam again?"

It appeared that the man began living a different person's life by stealing other freshmen's identity after failing to transfer to a better school.

When asked why he continued to be a freshman, the man answered "I liked the affection and interest given to the new students. There was no one who loved me or cared about me this much."

He has been acting as a freshman at universities across the country due to his inferiority complex. His father was a university professor and his sister was able to be accepted by prestigious universities.

A pediatric psychiatrist said, "I think he believed that entering a good college would make people welcome him and accept him." 

Many netizens are horrified by the story yet feel bad for the man. Netizens commented, "This is very unfortunate, but it shouldn't be glorified," "I can't believe he's been acting as a freshman all across the country," and "I wonder if he was punished for his actions."

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MENsplaining2,805 pts Wednesday, October 14, 2020 0
Wednesday, October 14, 2020

He shouldn't be punished because he is sick. He needs serious mental health care and the universities need to upgrade their security. They say he was suffering from a prolonged psychotic break... if someone forced him to acknowledge reality vs. What he believe reality is, he could become violent. People suffering this way can lash out violently to protect their delusion. The brain is a powerful and terrifying thing which needs to be respected and cared for. This poor man obviously doesn't have anyone close enough to him to have caught on over multiple years. This breaks my heart. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.



taeswife06138,433 pts Wednesday, October 14, 2020 0
Wednesday, October 14, 2020

"It seems that the doppelganger man is suffering a sociopathic disorder in which he denies his reality and believes in the fictional world to be the reality."

Please get him help.



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