Posted by KayRosa Sunday, September 20, 2020

Weather forecaster caught looking at her phone during a 'KBS' news segment


A female weather forecaster was accidentally caught on camera in the wrong moment.

On September 20 KST, 'KBS' aired its special news program dedicated to the current state of affairs related to COVID19. During the episode, a guest reporter who specializes in public health appeared in the program, informing the viewers with a data screen. However, as the viewers were focused on the split screen, the weather forecaster unexpectedly entered the frame, startling everyone watching the program.

It seemed that the forecaster, Kim Ji Hyo, was unaware of the fact that she was on camera. She walked in the frame with a Smart phone in her hand, immersed in her own screen and failing to look up. She stood remaining in the same position for a good few seconds. 

After the mishap, the program was quickly switched to a different screen, but the moment was immediately generated into a GIF by the netizens.

Some netizen reactions include:

"OMG, I was focused on this very serious news segment about coronavirus and she came out of nowhere"

"Aw, I'm sure the forecaster was also startled when she realized later"

"I can just imagine her apologizing to everyone at the studio"

"Hope she doesn't get reprimanded too much"

"LOL, hilarious because of this irony...kind of sad 'cause she was laughing when they were reporting on something serious"

"Hm, maybe she could have been a bit more careful...not sure how professional that is, not being aware of one's surroundings inside a studio"

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henry1984342,226 pts Sunday, September 20, 2020 3
Sunday, September 20, 2020

okay this is not really a big deal I mean news reporters and weathercaster messed up all the time there's hundreds of bloopers videos on the internet its not that big of a deal


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bts_ateez_got729 pts Sunday, September 20, 2020 0
Sunday, September 20, 2020

i dont see the problem here people mess up on TV all the time and this is nothing. like another comment said this happens all the time around the world.



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