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The defector suspected of serious sexual crimes in South Korea and fled back to the North has been forgiven by Kim Jong Un


It has been reported that the North Korean defector (Hereinafter, Mr. A) who has been suspected of serious sexual crimes in South Korea had fled back to the North but was forgiven by their leader, Kim Jong Un.

On September 3rd, the National Daily News reported that U.S Radio Free Asia (RFA) had quoted multiple sources in North Korea and stated that Mr. A will be forgiven by Kim Jong Un. Mr. A will also be placed in an occupation of his choice after fleeing back to North Korea.

Previously, Mr. A had defected to the South from North Korea in 2017 and lived in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province. However, a few months ago, he was under investigation for his involvement in sexual assault and other sex crimes. Since then, Mr. A had fled back to North Korea on July 18th of this year as he avoided being caught by the military's surveillance.

After securing Mr. A's whereabouts, the North Korean authorities suspected Mr. A of showing symptoms of the coronavirus. Therefore, the North Korean authorities thoroughly blocked the downtown area of Kaesong and began extensive quarantine efforts. Some speculated that the North's punishment for Mr. A was going to be quite heavy.

However, according to a reported source in North Korea, North Korean authorities have changed their policy to use Mr.A's presence to promote its regime instead of punishing him.

The Central Committee of the North's ruling Workers' Party said in a directive issued to the provincial party committee and law enforcement agencies in North Hamgyong Province on the 25th of August that they have confirmed Mr.A was not infected with the Coronavirus. They also stated, "the Central Committee decided to forgive the young man who had returned to his homeland after escaping the enticement of his enemies".

The committee quoted, "This decision was made by our supreme leader who issued a policy that those who repent and reflect on their mistakes should be forgiven of their past. These individuals should be cared for and supported by the party so that they can work anywhere they want."

A source from North Korea stated, "When the fugitive first returned to Kaesong, he was denounced as a traitor who betrayed the country and came to plunge the country into chaos as they suspected him of being infected with the Coronavirus. Now, they are using him for propaganda to praise Kim Jong Un's generosity and greatness."

However, the North Korean source also stated, "The authorities will not leave Mr. A who has tasted the abundance of capitalism, alone for long. They will use the fugitive to promote the regime, but if the man fades away from the interests of the international community and the people, they will punish him in any means possible."

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Winston4,677 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 2
Thursday, September 3, 2020

North Korea is trying to send a message to the North Korean defectors in South Korea.
If you are feel you are getting look down upon and treated badly in the South, we welcome you back, we wont punish you for defecting..
lol i have a feeling its a lie. its Reverse Propaganda.


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esmera1da11,461 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 0
Thursday, September 3, 2020

How can guys be so disgusting. Is it fun to traumatize girls with your grossness, why to ruin lives.



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