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Netizens shocked by the number of albums being donated to charity by Kang Daniel


Recently, one netizen posted on an online community a series of photos that caught the eyes of other netizens.

The netizen stated that an idol artist was giving away 35,000 copies of his album to charity. Netizens have claimed that this idol who was giving away these copies was Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel is known to participate in donations as he gave out free copies of his albums to the community. Many fans have praised the artist for doing a good deed, however, there are some netizens who are criticizing the artist.

Since this post has been made, there has been a heated discussion among the netizens about this matter.

The netizen who originally posted on the online community criticized the artist stating that he was giving out the leftover albums that were not sold. However, other netizens stated that Kang Daniel's album sales were doing exceptionally, therefore, there was no need to get rid of unsold albums.

As the discussion spread among other online communities, Kang Daniel's Album Support Team posted an announcement, which was posted in the online community as well.

The announcement stated, "We are Kang Daniel's album support team. Currently, his album 'MAGENTA' is being shipped to a donation center. We have donated albums in the number requested by the donation center. We are in charge of shipping the album. 

Our team is participating in the donation event with good intent and a good heart. However, there are people who have taken photos of the process and used it to our disadvantage. The donation centers were happy to receive the albums and have even taken photos themselves.

Anyone who continues to use the photos to slander the artist or the fandom will be taken into consideration for legal actions.

We would like to thank the DANITYs who support the artist and the team."

Netizen's commented:

"Wow, that's a crazy amount of albums."

"I don't know why they think other people would want the albums that the fans don't want."

"The charity center requested the amount. And Kang Daniel doesn't need to give out free albums just to get rid of them since his album is performing well."

"Kang Daniel always donated his albums with good intention."

"The original poster is just an anti-fan of Kang Daniel."

"I support the artist no matter what."

"I don't know why they're donating the albums, to begin with. I think that the album team just bought the albums to increase the album performance of their artist. Now they're giving away the extra albums."

"That's too much. It's not like they're donating money. What use is an album to those in need of charity?"

"Wow, everyone's criticizing the album donation... I would be so happy to receive BTS's album or IU's album."

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quark1239518,478 pts Wednesday, September 2, 2020 81
Wednesday, September 2, 2020

"What use is an album to those in need of charity?"

First of all poor people also like music. Second of all charity isn't always just money. Maybe they go to shelters or youth centers the same way books and DVDs do. Maybe they're given out as gifts to kids who may not get anything for their birthday or for Christmas. Also I didn't even consider people who have lost their homes. Sometimes something as random as a CD can make a difference in just giving them peace of mind.


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efem 3,488 pts Wednesday, September 2, 2020 17
Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Fix your title Allkpop, this was a fan donation, not from Daniel.


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