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[Adult Content Warning] Netizens think this children's book about how babies are made is too vulgar


Recently, many Korean netizens have been in a heated debate over a children's book that was recently discussed about on an online community.

The children's book in question is titled, "How are babies born?" and is a book targeting children who are in elementary school. The book has been receiving a lot of criticism from parents as the book describes in detail the process in which a baby is conceived.

[Warning: Following photos and material show adult content]

Many mothers felt disturbed as the book also included a clear illustrated portrayal of the process. The book explains, "Mom and dad love each other. That is why they kiss. When dad's wiener gets erect and grows big, it stands up. Then the two people want to put it in each other. Because it is fun."

"The two people laying in bed are mom and dad. Dad puts his wiener in mom's vagina. They make their bodies go up and down. This process is called sexual intercourse. It's an exciting and awesome process. Sexual intercourse is needed to make a baby. But, babies don't just form from having sexual intercourse. That is why mom and dad need to share love more sincerely if they want to make a baby."

Many netizens and parents have expressed their discomfort in showing this kind of content to children. However, there have been some netizens who have stated that it is better to teach children about sex early on.

Since the content of the book has been revealed many netizens have been under discussion over the matter.

Netizens' Commented

"OMG, what are you going to do if your baby copies this book. That's horrifying."

"To tell a child, that sex is fun is crossing the line a bit isn't it? what if your child says this is something fun so let's try it?"

"The pictures are very detailed..omg..."

"Bit shocked at this book. I mean really a book for elementary kids?"

"Well, I think this is better than having the elementary kid watch porn and learn through that way. This is very clear and straight forward."

"I think this isn't too bad. I mean there will be a time your child will want to know where babies come from and you can't tell them a bird brings it to you."

"This book was already famous a long time ago. I think this book is used for sex education."

"Well, you can teach your kids not to do this with other people if it's not 'fun' for them and tell them only moms and dads can do this. I don't think this is too vulgar."

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Limerence1,161 pts Wednesday, August 26, 2020 2
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Also, why do they look like white hippies from the '60s/'70s?


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pink_oracle10,492 pts Wednesday, August 26, 2020 4
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"The pictures are very detailed..omg..."

This person has never seen a naked human before apparently.


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