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J. Y. Park worries about this Wonder Girls member's future husband selection


J. Y. Park playfully expressed his concerns as a father figure to Wonder Girls.

On the June 29th episode of 'Real Love Story', the Wonder Girls members and their former producer J. Y. Park joined together for a meal to celebrate Lim's engagement. While their youngest member Sohee was chosen as the "next member most likely to get married," father J.Y. Park had other worries in his mind.

"It's not a matter of who gets married first or last," said the CEO of JYP Entertainment. "I only have one person that worries me the most, and that's Sohee."

He then revealed that "for years" he has worried for Sohee, who has not been a cold-headed person when it came to judging men. Now that these girls have grown up, J.Y. Park understood that it would be "hard to meet someone without marriage crossing their minds".

J.Y. Park directly told Sohee, "You are way too understanding sometimes!"

When the Wonder Girls members asked him if they need his permission before getting married, the former boss replied, "Please bring them over to me first. Please listen to me."

Then, turning to Sohee, he said, "And you, you bring him over to me before you even start dating. As a matter of fact, let me just go on that first date together."

When J.Y. Park asked the youngest member if her standards have changed at all, she responded, "I'm looking for someone who's settled." The CEO, however, still remained skeptical and commented, "But, you mean 'settled' as in his heart is settled!"

Lastly, J.Y. Park announced that his years of nagging "is finally paying off," and that even if he were to "close his eyes eternally now," he would die a happy man.

Check out some clips from the program below!

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He's such a dad hahah, I love him



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