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83-year old grandmother recently discharged after Coronavirus recovery talks about her symptoms & experience


83-year old grandmother Mrs. Park was discharged from the hospital back on March 20, after her doctor officially declared her entirely recovered from the Coronavirus (COVID19). On record, Mrs. Park was the 87th Coronavirus case recorded in the Busan region of Korea. She spent approximately 2-weeks i the hospital.

On March 25, 'SBS News' spoke with Mrs. Park about her experience with the Coronavirus. 

Back in February, Mrs. Park was ordered to self-quarantine herself for 14-days after it was discovered that she had direct contact with a Coronavirus case patient at her church. She did not notice symptoms during her self-quarantine period until the 14th and final day, when she experienced a severe headache "as if her head were being split open". Later on, she learned that "the headache was caused by sharply increased blood pressure as a symptom of the Coronavirus." 

After her doctor confirmed her Coronavirus case, Mrs. Park spent 2-weeks in a quarantined room with one other Coronavirus patient. Mrs. Park recalled the symptoms she dealt with during her 2-week hospitalization as very painful - particularly, she continued to suffer from a severe headache, which only went away momentarily immediately after taking medication. While receiving various types of medication, Mrs. Park recalled that she had no strength in her body, repetitively falling in and out of sleep for days. She also shared that she could not eat properly, despite her nurses' efforts. 

Mrs. Park relayed, "The nurses and doctors took care of me like I was their own parent, but if you saw them actually working, you would realize that they are going through infinitely more that what you hear from the news. Once they are wearing the protective white uniforms, they cannot go to the restroom or even drink a sip of water until they are out of that uniform. I realized that so many people were working in such difficult conditions to take care of me." 

Mrs. Park, who lives with her son and two grandchildren, also talked about her efforts during her self-quarantine period to ensure that none of her family members were exposed to the virus. She did not allow her son to return home at all during her 14-day quarantine period, and although her grandchildren stayed at home with her, she forced them to eat and sleep in a completely different room from her, rarely even looking at them in the face and immediately sanitizing all surfaces she came in contact with. Thanks to her efforts, all of her family members tested negative. 

Now that she has been discharged from the hospital, Mrs. Park revealed that she plans on regaining her strength by taking walks around her home. However, she plans on partaking in social distancing as much as possible nonetheless, with the Coronavirus threat still being classified as a national danger. 

[Source: SBS News]

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BIGBANG_VIP_4eva6,286 pts Wednesday, March 25, 2020 0
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Glad to hear someone who is vulnerable was able to recover. COVID-19 can obviously hit anyone but it’s up to us younger generations to protect our most vulnerable. Don’t go outside unless it’s needed, keep your distance, cough and sneeze into your inner elbow, wash your hands and all the other procedures. We should be doing this regardless of the current events so even more reason to be doing so!



LittleFoxx1,305 pts Wednesday, March 25, 2020 0
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Thank goodness for her recovery!

I hope that people could learn to cooperate to stop the chain of this virus, just by staying at home & limit other unnecessary movement. There're so many people involve to keep us safe.



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