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Tension rises between Ham So Won and her mother-in-law + netizens take sides


Although Ham So Won and Jin Hua have been trying to quell netizen reactions by insisting their marriage is fine, the most recent July 16 broadcast of 'Flavor of Wife' is eliciting negative comments towards both celebrities.

Jin Hua's mother came to visit the couple and take care of her grandchild, but the entire visit was filled with tension and arguing. Ham So Won and Jin Hua's mother clashed on many issues, the main one centering around the mother-in-law's decision to dress her daughter in pants exposing the butt. These are apparently very common in China, but Ham So Won was not happy about this decision at all, leading to arguing.

Many netizens were quick to comment that Ham So Won's was incredibly rude. However, some came to her defense saying the pants were unsanitary and that Jin Hua was problematic in allowing his mother to overstep her boundaries. 

"She totally has no respect towards her husband and mother in law."

"I sigh every time I see her videos. I'm afraid if her husband might lose control of his anger one day."

"The producers didn't include the caption where Jin Hua asks her why she was talking to his mother like that. She was speaking really rudely in Chinese."

"These pants are disgusting and was one thing I really hated when I was in China. Babies would just pee and poo all over the streets because there were no diapers."

"If I was the mom, I would be really taken aback too."

"Now that I'm watching this, it seems like Jin Hua is the problem."

It seems that the couple is continuing to garner controversy as they appear on the show. Who do you think is wrong in this situation?

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

But isn't she the childs mother ? Her decision should stand above that of her mother-in-law


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