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Netizens react to sasaeng photos of The Boyz & Momoland members out drinking and smoking together


On June 8, photos of The Boyz members Eric and Q on an alleged, late night outing with Momoland's Nancy roamed Twitter, causing a stir among fans. 

The photos in question seemed to have been taken by sasaeng(s) who likely followed The Boyz members around on private outings, allegedly past midnight. Those who shared the photos claimed that the idol stars were drinking and smoking in a pub room where smoking is permitted, then, left the pub as a group for another round at a different location. 

Below, the tweet reads: "Changmin-ah, (The Boyz member Q's birth name) smoking so nonchalantly in the smoking room TT. Did you make it to your second round location okay in the white car??"

Also below, the Tweet reads, "Changmin is so on edge because he can't hold Nancy's hand." 

Then, during a fan sign event on June 8, The Boyz's Q was seen apologizing to fans. Many suspect that the apology was in reference to being spotted on the late night outing. 

Below, Q stated, "No matter the reason, I was unable to show you a good image, and created disappointment... I'm sorry."

Seeing the issue garnering attention on Twitter, netizens on one online community reacted that they don't understand what The Boyz fans are "mad about", exactly, other than possibly that they were seen hanging out with girl group members. Commented included, "This is 100% the sasaeng's fault... what are you apologizing for? Are you going to give feedback every time you go out drinking? What is the company thinking, when the members were photographed illegally like that...", "This is something that can easily be passed off, why did you have to go and apologize, making it a bigger deal", "They're not even minors, why can't they go out drinking... those girls stalking them like that are the crazies", "What does this make Nancy then;;;", "The poor members standing awkwardly beside him", "I don't understand, as far as I know it is perfectly legal to smoke in a smoking room", and more. 

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writerstruth77 pts Saturday, June 8, 2019 13
Saturday, June 8, 2019

So what if they drink or smoke? They're at the age of drinking and smoking. You don't think they know smoking causes cancer? They know it's bad for you, they can see on the box when in use but that's how some people deal with the amount of stress they get when being flocked around by masses of crazy fans. Some people be acting like just because idols are worldwide in promoting their music they can act as if their human emotions, wants and needs are supposed to disappear like that. No, don't criticize adults for doing something just as legal as having a personal life. People need to grow up and stop daydreaming.


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jeyjin1,912 pts Saturday, June 8, 2019 0
Saturday, June 8, 2019

I feel so bad for idols when these kinds of things happen. They can't even get any privacy.



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