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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Monday, July 30, 2018

If K-Pop Stars were cast in a 'Sailor Moon' live-action drama!

1. Sailor Moon
Yeri from Red Velvet would make a perfect Sailor Moon! Especially because we saw her embody some of Sailor Moon's iconic looks in the MV for "Red Summer". Her blonde pigtails are the perfect match to play Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scout's main protagonist! Her cute, playful personality reminds us of the iconic Sailor Scout as well.

2. Sailor Mercury
Bae Suzy matches up perfectly to be Sailor Mercury! Though she used to embody sexiness when she was with Miss A, she's recently taken to looking a bit more like a tomboy. This particular look and haircut remind us so much of Sailor Mercury!

3. Sailor Venus
Tiffany is the best fit to be Sailor Venus! Silly, flirty, cute, and fun are all words that describe both Tiffany and Sailor Venus! Her long hair even looks like the Sailor Scout's! All Tiffany needs is the outfit and the big red bow and we think she'd be the perfect fit to play her.

4. Sailor Mars
Go Won of LOONA is perfect to play the dark-haired Sailor Mars. With a fiery personality and talent, Go Won reminds us so much of the feisty Sailor Mars! Go Won's big shiny eyes remind us of Sailor Mars' so much that we can't imagine anyone else to play her.

5. Sailor Jupiter
We think NaNa would do an amazing job as Sailor Jupiter. Jupiter is particularly boy-crazy, and NaNa's ultra bubbly and hilarious personality would be perfect for the role. That, and the fact that when NaNa has her hair tied up, she has a very close resemblance to the Sailor Scout!

6. Sailor Saturn
Sailor Saturn's iconic black bob led us to think of IU as the first choice for matched up visuals to this particular Scout. Though IU isn't as rigid and aloof as Sailor Saturn, we think that her ability to take on a character makes her a good fit to play Sailor Saturn.

7. Sailor Uranus
Amber is the perfect visual fit for Sailor Uranus. Her personality on and off stage doesn't change and that's a big part of Sailor Uranus' personality when she switches between her civilian and Sailor Scout personas. Amber is funny, beautiful, and versatile, making her an awesome fit for Sailor Uranus.

8. Sailor Neptune
Tzuyu and Sailor Neptune are both highly regarded in their respective worlds! Plus, Tzuyu's blue-green hair can be styled exactly like the iconic Sailor Scout's. That, and the fact that they both played a classical instrument, so if the live-action had to include Sailor Neptune playing her instrument, Tzuyu would be the absolute best pick!

9. Sailor Pluto
Sailor Pluto is the epitome of refinement. She is calm, cool, collected, and mature. We think that despite not having the right hair color, BoA would be the perfect fit! Her astute personality and veteran status in the industry reflects on her personality!

10. What idol would you want to be cast in a live-action Sailor Moon?
Share with the AKP community below your live-action Sailor Moon dream cast!

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