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Posted by KpopJoA13 pts Monday, February 12, 2018

9 Idols who are also competitive gamers

Hayoung, Gongchan, Jaehyo, Baekhyun, Hyesung, Heechul, Niel, Hongbin, Jung Joon Young
1. Jung Joon Young
Recently signing with a professional gamer team for the game 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' singer Jung Joon Young is well known for his gaming abilities.

Despite his busy schedule, the idol star always makes time to take a break from his daily tasks and enter the virtual world.

With that being said, Jung Joon Young is looking to participate in numerous competitions worldwide.
2. Super Junior's Heechul
Super Junior member Heechul has enjoyed playing video games with his fellow celeb friends. Specializing in role-playing games, the idol star previously gamed on the air and also made a special appearance as a commentator during a 2016 RPG competition. He's also played 'League Of Legends' against then world-champion SKT.

Holding a top ranking position, Heechul was also the head leader of 'Heechul's gaming crew' on SBS 'Game Show', gathering various idols.
3. VIXX's Hongbin
A huge fan of Blizzard's 'Overwatch', VIXX member Hongbin took up character Hanzo to his liking. Though many may find the Japanese Assassin intimidating at times, Hongbin expressed, "I like his skills and his personality fits me quite well."

For some trivia, his older sister also works at a gaming company. Hongbin once scored 7th place playing as Hanzo in Season 3 of 'Overwatch'.

And says he often enjoys playing the game with members from BTS and B1A4.
4. Block B's Jaehyo
Block B's Jaehyo showed off his remarkable gaming skills under 'Heechul's gaming crew' on SBS 'Game Show'.

During a previous match of 'StarCraft 1' last March, Jaehyo even toppled professional gamer Kang Min, with his high APM and micro/macro mechanics.
5. B1A4's Gongchan
An avid player of FPS (First Person Shooter) games, B1A4's Gongchan also expressed he was an 'Overwatch' maniac.

Also a member of 'Heechul's gaming crew' the idol singer demonstrated his flawless capabilities on the air, surprising viewers alike. He and Hongbin make a great duo!
6. TEEN TOP's Niel
Fond of role-playing games, TEEN TOP's Niel likes to play various characters and try out different kinds of skills.

Enjoying a wide range of games, Niel is mostly known for playing as Genji from 'Overwatch' swiftly striking down his opponent with his sharp sword.

Niel also showed off his talents during a live stream event with famous BJ Bokyem.
7. A Pink's Hayoung
The only female idol star on the list, A Pink's Hayoung stepped into the gaming universe at the age of six.

Her hobbies include playing 'Overwatch' and 'Sudden Attack', Hayoung revealed that she purchased three gaming keyboards on a radio show expressing her love for video games.
8. Shinhwa's Hyesung
Shinhwa member Hyesung is an avid player of 'StarCraft' ranking 1st place among celeb players. Like most idol stars, he enjoys competing with his friends from time to time.

He also entered a gaming competition. However, he recently lost his top position to none other than Super Junior's Kyuhyun, who is also an exceptional 'StarCraft' player.
9. Baekhyun
Baekhyun is quite the avid gamer and he gets really into it as you can see in the video above. His friendship with Heechul grew as they bonded through playing video games together.

  1. Hayoung
  2. Gongchan
  3. Jaehyo
  4. Baekhyun
  5. Hyesung
  6. Heechul
  7. Niel
  8. Hongbin
  9. Jung Joon Young
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