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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Wednesday, December 13, 2017

K-Pop's Most Cringe-worthy Songs

1. Wolf by EXO
I'm a big EXO fan but this song is a no-no. "GEURAE WOLF! NAEGA WOLF! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" These iconic lyrics and wolf howl garnered EXO a ton of attention at the time. In fact, "Wolf" won them their first win! However, it's a little hard to love when you're constantly howling about wolves the entire song. Many netizens claim they have a love-hate relationship with the track with some regarding it as nostalgic and others regarding it as a public nuisance. At least my dog likes this song, especially the chorus when he starts howling at the ceiling.
2. Pretty Girl by KARA
The song itself isn't bad but every time I hear "If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty"... I just do a facepalm. With a native English speaker in Nicole Jung, you would think they would change the chorus but the song was a hit, so it worked out in the end.
3. Lu by LuHan
Not K-pop but this is too cringe-inducing to pass up. LuHan's career flourished after officially nullifying his contract with EXO. However, his solo single, "Lu" embedded its way into our brains through some sort of mind control tactics. With ridiculous auto-tune and strange and mangled lyricism (I been cooking up a stew? Bend that body like a gymnast?), this track is cringe-worthy, yet enjoyable in the weirdest way.
4. Shout Out by SHINee
The production of SHINee's "Shout Out" can only be described as strange. From Onew moaning loudly in the background to slightly offkey rapping, this song has all the pieces to a successfully loud and proud 2010 K-Pop track. All things aside, the monkey screech at the beginning of the song definitely serves as an indication of what you're about to listen to...dibidibidon't.
5. Pink Panties by Hwasa
Probably one of the most non-official tracks to ever drop is Hwasa's "Pink Panties". The song is quite literally about pink panties and is recorded over Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines". Hwasa even convinced the other girls of MAMAMOO to do choreography to the track. Weirdly enough, we think we'll wear pink today...
6. Ah Yeah by SEVENTEEN (Hip Hop Unit)
In comparison to some of the songs on the list, this track is relatively palatable with its simple beat and good rhythm, but the singular Vernon line is known infamously as 'the line' earns "Ah Yeah" a spot on this list. For those who are staring in question wondering what 'the line' is- it's "Pull up on you whacks with the mac fully loaded". Yeah, we aren't sure what that means either?
7. Catallena by Orange Caramel
Orange Caramel's most dynamic single to date is "Catallena". From the strange yelps that start the song to the loud "HOY HOY HOY" that hits in the chorus, this song is a visual and auditory masterpiece from beginning to end. "Catallena" is a bonafide cringeworthy K-Pop guilty pleasure.
8. Gangsta Boy - f(x)
The idea that a K-Pop group is fawning over a 'gangsta boy' is hilarious and the auto-tuned vocals on their harmonized 'gangsta boy' gives me a slightly embarrassed, but proud feeling when listening to the song. I think the best lyric in this song is "You're just a cute hamster in my eyes". Who knew f(x) were such romantics? Still cringeworthy though.
9. Very Good by Block B
Block B's "Very Good" earned its spot on the list because of its unabashed loudness and really, really, for lack of a better word- unusual music video. Our biggest question is why does Zico look so much like the Will Ferrell playing the role of Jacobim Mugatu in Zoolander? We still aren't sure why Block B employ a clown motif so often as a part of their music video visuals.
10. Sexy Free & Single by Super Junior
"Sexy, Free, & Single" embodies 2012 K-Pop so well. Whatever Super Junior is referring to by, "ready to bingo", count me in! All the members really make the song that much better in the MV by wearing hilariously edgy costumes on a dramatic set. Truly a guilty pleasure but definitely cringe-worthy.

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