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Posted by LorraineYe Wednesday, December 27, 2017

7 Times Hyungs and Unnies Were Evil To Their Dongsaengs

1. Red Velvet Irene
Irene rules Red Velvet with an iron fist. If it weren't for her, Joy and Yeri would probably take the group and run it amuck with their playful antics! Seulgi and Wendy are the good dongsaengs while Joy and Yeri are the more sassy ones, but Irene is the one who is in charge!
2. Girl's Day Sojin
Sojin of Girl's Day may be the oldest, but she isn't afraid to get playful with her dongsaengs! She can be seen in this video biting the finger of Yura, who playfully offered her finger up to bite. Sojin chomped down on it hard making Yura yelp and start laughing! We love our sassy older sister, Sojin!
3. GOT7 Jinyoung
GOT7's Jinyoung and Yugyeom are in the age-old K-Pop debate of maknae versus hyung! Yugyeom constantly triggers Jinyoung into wanting to strangle him and Jinyoung is the very definition of an evil hyung! Jinyoung is known for getting others into trouble and bickering with GOT7's maknae! Our favorite Jinyoung quote occurred during a VLIVE when a fan said not to kill Yugyeom and Jinyoung simply responded, "Don't kill Yugyeom? No... I will kill Yugyeom."
4. BTS Suga
Suga aka Min Yoongi is introverted, oftentimes giving an indication that he has a cold demeanor. In this particular instance, the group is doing a lie-detector test and having fun roasting each other, but when Suga the hyung gets on the hot seat, the group finds difficulty in roasting him, except for when they call him a silly idiot and the machine beeps confirming so. Yoongi then proceeds to look at how the best way to destroy the machine is. Yoongi is also known to not be afraid to retaliate, including the time he kneed Jimin in the junk.
5. A PINK Chorong
Chorong serves as A PINK's strong and withholding leader, but in this video, we see her playful, yet strict side! From telling her members to know their place or physically pushing them around when they don't listen to her, Chorong is a strong unnie who doesn't let her dongsaengs mess with her! It seems like her babies always flinch around her out of fear!
6. INFINITE Sunggyu
Though he wasn't being overbearingly mean, orderly and timely Sunggyu went to wake up the rest of the INFINITE members by playing loud music at first to pull them out of their dream states. Then, when they didn't respond to his talking and music, he spritzed them in the face with a water bottle until they rose from the dead. A true evil hyung stripping away his dongsaengs precious sleep.
7. Girls' Generation Yuri
Though Yuri is messing with Yeri of Red Velvet in this particular video, her treatment of her dongsaengs is always playful! This iconic 'unnies bullying dongsaengs' moment included Yuri continually messing with the top of Yeri's head. It doesn't help that Sooyoung is there covering for Yuri at the same time either! Yuri is like a sour patch, at first she's sour, then she's sweet!

Tell us your favorite hyung and unnies messing with dongsaengs moment in the comments below!

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