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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Friday, November 17, 2017

Moments that Proved Big Bang Members are like Brothers

Big Bang
1. When T.O.P left for the Military
Every fan's worst nightmare is when their favorite idol has to leave for enlistment. When T.O.P had to leave, the Big Bang members were as sad as VIPs. Taeyang and G-Dragon posted images of T.O.P with a caption sharing their love for their eldest.
2. Taeyang Constantly Shares his Love for his Bandmates
During an interview, Taeyang stated that Big Bang is the most precious thing that he had since childhood and how wherever he goes he misses his bandmates. He even talks about how much he cares for T.O.P by being by his side and listening to his thoughts. Separately Big Bang is a force to be reckoned with but when they're together, they are strong as ever.
3. Big Bang Sandwich
They're so playful and love doing the pile-up. Over the years of the Big Bang sandwich, you've seen various versions. Only guys with brotherly bonds would do these type of cute things!

4. Instagram Posts
The boys are one another's biggest support system and jokesters. Whenever they post or share on Instagram they are most likely going to comment and share posts with one another. For example when Taeyang and T.O.P wished Seungri a happy birthday over and over.
This duo has been together for over ten years both aspiring to be idols and share their love for music. Together they have proven to be a strong duo that continue to support and love one another through all their struggles. Now they've proven to be the strongest friendship bond and inspiring people everywhere to hang on to that lifelong friend for as long as they can.
6. Seungri Protecting his Hyungs
Despite always being picked on by his hyungs, Seungri always does what he can to protect them and look out for them they way they have for him. During the Malaysia concert, Seungri ran to protect his bandmates from the fireworks.
7. We Like 2 Party
Big Bang always have incredibly charismatic and powerful music videos and performances. But in "We Like 2 Party" Big Bang gets to share their silly and fun personalities with one another and VIPS. Look at how they rid the bike together so cutely. Their brotherly bond is on full display.
8. Big Bang Loves One another
During an interview with CNN, Big Bang stated that they were the happiest when the five of them were together. G-Dragon stated "We're members of a group, but we're also family. There's a closeness between us that's on a completely different level than other boy bands."
9. Their Show: Run, BIGBANG Scout!
Through variety shows we get to see our favorite idols doing what they love most, spending time with one another and cracking jokes at one another's expense. Each individual Big Bang member's personalities can be seen as you watch the maknae chatter away while his hyungs stand by happily and proudly.
10. VIP You Are Everything
Wherever they go whatever they do, they always love and acknowledge one another for the things they've experienced together. Even when Seungri is being incredibly embarrassing the boys still stick together and show their strong bond.

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