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Posted by kheadlines0 pt Friday, July 14, 2017

K-Pop Groups You Forgot Ever Existed

1. Idol (1996)
These guys debuted even before the legendary boy group H.O.T. They never matched H.O.T.'s wild popularity, but "Bow Wow" was one of their most successful singles. Before the Big 3, it was DSP Media who was the big powerhouse in Korean music. The group was considered the first teen dance idol group, with the members just 15 and 16 years old.
2. ShinVi (2002)
SM may be one of the top-engrossing entertainment companies in South Korea, but they failed to strike it big with this female idol group. The group disbanded after just one year. One of the members, Oh Sang Eun, appeared on an episode of the fourth season of "I Can See Your Voice," where she was eliminated at the final stage.
3. ELF (2004)
ELF was a dance/ballad pop group comprised of four famous ulzzangs of the Korean online community. But the group didn't reap too much success and ultimately disbanded after member Kim Hani was wrapped up in dating rumors with TVXQ members.
4. T.T.Ma (1999)
T.T.Ma was a five-member dance pop group that debuted in 1999. The leader of the group, Soy, was the only member to continue a career in entertainment after the group's disbandment in 2002. Soy is also a member of the "Yachaepi," an informal group created by late '90s girl group members: S.E.S.'s Shoo and Eugene, Baby V.O.X.'s Kan Mi Yeon and Park Ji Yoon.
5. Papaya (2000)
The five-member female group debuted in 2000 and only promoted for two albums. They had one hit song,"Listen to Me," which was actually remade by "Oh My Girl."
6. Morning (2003)
This group was perhaps one of the first attempts at creating a female "band" in K-Pop. It was comprised of four members, one of whom played the violin (Jang Min Kyung). The group had one hit song, "I'll Make You Happy," from their only album. The most well-known member is rapper and vocalist Baek Bo Ram, who went on to pursue an acting career.
7. LUV (2002)
This group of three was mildly popular when they debuted with "Orange Girl" in 2002, but disbanded after just one year, perhaps due to the members' individual career goals. Jeon Hye Bin went on to launch a solo career, then went into acting. Actress Oh Yeon Seo was also a member.
8. MILK (2001)
Long before her success as an actress in hit dramas like "Another Oh Hae-young" and "Romantic Doctor," Seo Hyun Jin was the lead vocal and dancer of this idol group! The group debuted in 2001 and only released one album. Rumor has it they were supposed to make a comeback with the title track, "Into the New World." Sound familiar? That's because it's Girls Generation's debut track, which was an instant hit! Girls Generation's debut is rumored to have been pushed up to an earlier date because of MILK's disbandment. Member Park Hee Bon has also gone on to pursue an acting career.
9. SMASH (2008)
The group was formed by veteran idol star Tony An but certainly did not meet H.O.T.'s standards. SMASH started out as a six-member group until member Cheonwoo left before their debut in Japan, where the group focused most of its activities. They disbanded in 2015.
10. CHAOS (2012)
The group's debut song "She is Coming" was actually well-received. They were even described as one of the best debuts from a male idol group. But their other releases failed to follow the success of this first song.

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