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Posted by yckim124253 pts Monday, June 26, 2017

Wale responds in anger to people accusing him of using BTS for fame

BTS, Rap Monster
Wale expressed anger towards people who accused him of using BTS for fame.

Recently, the American rapper left replies of anger and then soon deleted them on Twitter. It's assumed that he fired back at the people who accused him of using his collaboration with Rap Monster for international attention and fame. 

Wale wrote, "Y'all don't have to worry no more. One minute it's support next minute u make up rumors and attack me. I'll jus fall back. He asked me."

In another tweet, Wale continued to show fury with the words, "To be on HIS song. Right? But u know what I'll leave it to u. I'll worry about myself cuz I'm not gonna take insults no more."

Meanwhile, ARMYs defended Wale and claimed the accusations were made by anti-fans. Comments stated, "Please ignore the bad comments... ARMY want you to collaborate with namjoonie", "We love you, thank you for being a part of the boys' lives."

Back in March, Rap Monster and Wale released a special collaboration track ''Change'' after getting in touch through social media. 

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