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Wale responds in anger to people accusing him of using BTS for fame

By yckim124   Monday, June 26, 2017   145,372   13,813   2



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Wale expressed anger towards people who accused him of using BTS for fame.

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Recently, the American rapper left replies of anger and then soon deleted them on Twitter. It's assumed that he fired back at the people who accused him of using his collaboration with Rap Monster for international attention and fame. 

Wale wrote, "Y'all don't have to worry no more. One minute it's support next minute u make up rumors and attack me. I'll jus fall back. He asked me."

In another tweet, Wale continued to show fury with the words, "To be on HIS song. Right? But u know what I'll leave it to u. I'll worry about myself cuz I'm not gonna take insults no more."

Meanwhile, ARMYs defended Wale and claimed the accusations were made by anti-fans. Comments stated, "Please ignore the bad comments... ARMY want you to collaborate with namjoonie", "We love you, thank you for being a part of the boys' lives."

Back in March, Rap Monster and Wale released a special collaboration track ''Change'' after getting in touch through social media. 

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YueYuu Sunday, July 2, 2017


red_99 Friday, June 30, 2017

bts fans are so ugly and retarded god damn

NYHTJ3trash red_99 Saturday, July 1, 2017

another troll! awesome. you crawlies really think so highly of us, i'm blushing. Thanks for letting us realize just how popular we are. Keep up with the promotions, Patrick! You are now my new pet.

kookiemonster23 red_99 Saturday, July 1, 2017

Attention seeker.

Johncane Thursday, June 29, 2017

To everyone in the comments generalising a whole fandom, very hypocritical of you. I personally don't believe in fandoms and just am fans of groups for the music.

Kai_JiminSnacks Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Surprise, Surprise the girl was neither an army nor exo-l, so you can keep exo out of you mouths. :) You don't claim her and we don't either.

Liyah_sun Kai_JiminSnacks Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's just so contradicting how ppl are saying oh it isnt an army &' want everybody to believe them but yet this person says it's an exol &' everybody hop right on it, no if, ands buts about it like it's a troll you're really going to believe everything that's being said? I can't with th double standards going on in the comments lol

bangeryun94 Kai_JiminSnacks Friday, June 30, 2017

Sorry but you are wrong. She is an EXO L, maybe I should say she WAS. Because EXO L let her know in no uncertain terms they did not appreciate what she did. As they should.

slaythegame Tuesday, June 27, 2017

LOL to all the people saying bts or armys are over. Well b allkpops tweet and allkpops website is the only place people are bitching about this shit haha nice try. Yall said the same thing about twice yet they still won though, i dont like them (twice) but at least im not delusional into thinking theyre over.

Aria_ultear Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Its only two armies bashing on him not the whole fandom..its his fault for being emotional and putting up hate comments as if the world is against him

Johncane Aria_ultear Thursday, June 29, 2017

i don't think he was being serious, more like just feeding the hater crap.

kenichi_kun Tuesday, June 27, 2017

this just proves that ARMYs are the WORST fandom to ever exist after directioners and beliebers, theyre slowly gonna ruin BTS's connection like that

acargar kenichi_kun Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Those people are not ARMY. A real ARMY will never hate like that. Especially to anyone that BTS admires. That's why just shut it. You're ruining my day. 😤

LveKimTae kenichi_kun Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nah you haven't been in the kpop for too long, there are/ more worse kpop fandoms than Armys are right now.

bangeryun94 kenichi_kun Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yeah that would make sense if she were actually a fan, but she wasn't. She is an EXO L. Now what was that again about ARMY being the worst fandom? LMAO

Whoooo bangeryun94 Tuesday, June 27, 2017

She stans exo and bts dont just blame everything on exo ls

bangeryun94 Whoooo Tuesday, June 27, 2017

No she doesn't. I took a look at her account before I commented. I don't care what fandom she actually is part of, what I do care about are these people who didn't bother to read or look at her account and still chose to drag ARMY.

Whoooo bangeryun94 Tuesday, June 27, 2017

She stans rap monster and likes bts. By the way no where i the article does it state she is a anti fan.

slaythegame kenichi_kun Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I spy another one that dont know nothing about it rn. It just proves to me that people are coming like blind little mice looken for some scraps

NYHTJ3trash kenichi_kun Wednesday, June 28, 2017

oh hi kenichi_kun, our beloved army bully... is this where your As and your B+s in college went to? Gosh, you should do better than this. Anyway, nice to see u here and have a great time trolling!

Whoooo acargar Wednesday, June 28, 2017

what is an "real army" doesnt being army just mean u like bts? i dont remember being an army also including the definition: being repectful and kind fan to everyone

bangeryun94 Whoooo Friday, June 30, 2017

No, that isn't what "real ARMY" means. Real ARMY follow the guidelines set for by Big Hit for membership into the fanclub. They're strict, there is a zero tolerance for this kind of shit which lets us know that it is someone who isn't a REAL ARMY.

kenichi_kun acargar Friday, June 30, 2017

no bts fans are horrible and u prove my point for being sensitive over an opinion lmao

kenichi_kun LveKimTae Friday, June 30, 2017

actually iv been into kpop since 2009 gg run devil run/Oh! era but try again lol

kenichi_kun bangeryun94 Friday, June 30, 2017

where did u get the conclusion that im an exo l? i dont even like boy groups wth lol

kenichi_kun Whoooo Friday, June 30, 2017

i stan neither and i will never do so lol

kenichi_kun bangeryun94 Friday, June 30, 2017

all armys are real armys, theres bad in every group, just deal with it and stop with the "not real army" excuse

kenichi_kun NYHTJ3trash Friday, June 30, 2017

omfg ewww its the army

NYHTJ3trash kenichi_kun Friday, June 30, 2017

OH MY FUCKING GOD! how did you know that? you're making me laugh kenichi... damn hard...I see that your As and B+s are not of much help to you... that's it? i'm disappointed..

kenichi_kun NYHTJ3trash Friday, June 30, 2017

u keep mentioning my grades when theyre like totally irrelevant in this situation lmao

NYHTJ3trash kenichi_kun Friday, June 30, 2017

Oh, they are, really... because your grades are supposed to mean that you are intelligent... but you're not, so i'm disappointed.. you should be proud, i'm letting the world know you're SUPPOSED to be intelligent... I'm not even interested with the situation you created since I know what you are.. oh well, I guess I'll need to find another troll to play with..

kenichi_kun NYHTJ3trash Friday, June 30, 2017

on what basis are u even judging my intelligence oh my gosh LMAO srsly can u not be so cringy, letting the "world" like literally 10 peopel MAXIMUM will probs see this lmao.

NYHTJ3trash kenichi_kun Friday, June 30, 2017

gosh, how far are you going to drag yourself downwards? poor you.. how can you not be dumb dumb when all you know is troll? you can't even recognize sarcasm, how awful you must feel.. and am i cringy? good, i like what you don't.. are you enjoying? that's good, too..^^

kenichi_kun NYHTJ3trash Friday, June 30, 2017

ur obvi so obsessed with me, i think the fact that im not a BTS fan already makes me way above u so i can get dragged downwards as much as possible but still not reach bts-fan's level.

NYHTJ3trash kenichi_kun Friday, June 30, 2017

oh, didn't i tell you? i like trolling trolls.. so you, my lucky troll, is just one of my playthings.. you shouldn't have confessed to being one.. diss the ARMY with all your might, i don't really care.. oh and, see how dumb you are? You just agreed that you are indeed DUMB DUMB... I'M SO LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF RIGHT NOW... toodles!

acargar kenichi_kun Friday, June 30, 2017

You are the horrible one! Coming to this thread and dissing ARMY in general, i feel bad for you. And on top of that, you started this, how can we just ignore you if we know that what you're saying is not right. Keep laughing to yourself.

NYHTJ3trash acargar Friday, June 30, 2017

oh, don't worry about him... he just realized he's dumb.. have mercy... lol

kenichi_kun NYHTJ3trash Friday, June 30, 2017

i can just tell by ur punctuation that ur a koreaboo so i wont even take what ur saying srsly lmao. "dumb dumb"

NYHTJ3trash kenichi_kun Friday, June 30, 2017

aw, who cares about my punctuation? you? i may be from another planet, too, you know.. and you, seriously, just bored me to death with that last one.. that's what dumb trolls say when they've got nothin' else to say back... i'm done playing with you.. you're just not up for it.. next time you troll us, try harder.. see you around!

kenichi_kun NYHTJ3trash Friday, June 30, 2017

oh my gosh oh my gosh the cringe is real. im actually dyin, well i cant say i didnt expect a bts fan to be EXTREMELY cringy lmao. This in : all bts fans are horrible cringy fat koreaboos.

bangeryun94 kenichi_kun Saturday, July 1, 2017

I think you need to learn to read before you answer other people's comments. That is all.

bangeryun94 kenichi_kun Saturday, July 1, 2017

And you're a cunt. Bye

kenichi_kun bangeryun94 Sunday, July 2, 2017

im gonna take cunt as a compliment cus i like it tbh. thanks you hog faced trollop xoxo

intricate Tuesday, June 27, 2017

kinda surprised a rapper like him would actually give a fuck about what some random person has to say.

northstars Tuesday, June 27, 2017

If you don't think he is leeching onto BTS for the fame, then you really don't know the music world.That is why he is doing it, to promote himself.Wake up people.

my_l northstars Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I worked in the music world and I disagree. He is leeching on to BTS when he received tweets from Army regarding BTS? He needs BTS to do what, make the millions he already has made before he even heard of KPOP? He has a new cd out right now and the single is being played on the radio. Did BTS help him with that? BTS can't even get on our radios. I find it amusing when so call fans talk about how western artists need kpop idols when western artists already have access to the international market considering the U.S. controls 66 percent of it! So maybe KPOP is using the U.S. since we are the largest buying market and many of our singers are actually rich while KPOP idols work to death for change. Don't get me wrong, I love BTS and I want them to have every success but please get off your high horse thinking an American artist needs KPOP to be global. Duh! how do you think our artists get rich and have the largest followings to include hitting number one in more foreign countries than KPOP idols. Wale isn't the most well-known but I can say every hip hop artist and rnb in the U.S. knows who he is and he has collabed with artist more well known and far richer than BTS. Even now I hear "No hands on the radio a million times a day and that song was out in 2010. You can't even get BTS on our radios but you want to talk about using. It's also funny it's a one-way street. Why does BTS want all these collabs with Western artists? Oh!, let me guess, it's just love!

bangeryun94 my_l Tuesday, June 27, 2017

You don't love BTS. That's pretty obvious. And what, btw, did BTS have to do with any of this? This was about a person pretending to be a Bangtan fan when in fact she wasn't a fan at all.

Sefika northstars Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Omg people. Look around you and listen for a bit before jumping onto conclusions. Yes, Wale is known. Not as popular as some other american artists, but everybody knows him (or rather, should. What the hell have you been doing your entire life?) Wale and rm said that they wanted to collab bc they love and support each others music. I know that you didn't mean to be rude or anything my_l, but the last 2 sentences ruined your comment. If you knew bts, or just rm, you would know that he focuses on quality, not on how well he is known. The ones who introduced these two to each other and asked them to collab were armys. WE wanted them to collab and WE loved it. Those who're shit-talking about wale or even rm are antis bc what kind of fan would do shit like that? Either someone stupid or an anti (is there a difference?)

Johncane bangeryun94 Thursday, June 29, 2017

whilei dont agree with the last part of what he/she said. They have a point

my_l bangeryun94 Thursday, June 29, 2017

+JOHNCANE My sentence has a question mark. The purpose was to show the hypocrisy in kpop. If fans say Wale is a leecher, then BTS must be leeches. Wale didn't know a thing about kpop, BTS has western artists They admire, yet Our artists are leeches. So my point was, what does that make BTS if a collab is a two way street? If BTS did it for love, so did Wale. MY POSTS ONLY seem to be going to the "Fan police" but I'm replying to Sefika n JOHNCANE.

bangeryun94 my_l Friday, June 30, 2017

It might be worth noting that all the accusations of established popular stars want to collab with Bangtan just because they're popular at the moment are coming from so called western fans. I doubt seriously that anyone who is dragging western artists are real fans at all. Just something else to sensationalise BTS and make people shake their heads at the fandom which again, they're probably not a part of at all, like this girl.

Johncane my_l Saturday, July 1, 2017

oh okay i read the last part wrong, i thought it was sarcasm

my_l Johncane Thursday, July 6, 2017

johncane Personally, I do not believe either side is using another. I think BTS have artists they admire and if it helps them in some aspect, then no problem. I do not consider that use. I consider it a mutual exchange in any collab. My point was that KPOP fans can't have it both ways. They tweet these artists about BTS liking them then some turn around and accuse them of using BTS if they collab. So if they say one thing applies to one artist, then that same thing should apply to the other.

Johncane my_l Thursday, July 6, 2017

yeah i agree

LegendaryTsunade Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Let me get some facts straight. It was ONE person and she turned out to be a troll - admitted she was trolling him. If AKP could stop making ARMYs look like complete idiots it would be great.

clarissadx LegendaryTsunade Tuesday, June 27, 2017

if people would stop coming in blind just to soley hate that would be great too.

LegendaryTsunade clarissadx Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Its a trend to hate ARMY fandom now. They are bothered with everything we do so I gave up, but that wont stop me from telling akp writers to get their facts straight.

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