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TWICE fans upset over the possibility of iKON's Jun Hoe mocking Momo's accent

Koo Jun Hoe, Momo
On June 22, iKON was featured as special DJs for 'Youngstreet Radio.' However, on this day, some people were upset over the behavior of member Koo Jun Hoe.

At the 34:40 and 40-minute mark in the video, Koo Jun Hoe appears to imitate TWICE member Momo's accent. Momo is known to have an accent when speaking Korean due to the fact that she is from Japan. Some fans are upset over this because to them it sounded as if he was mocking her accent for an entertainment value. There have been many mixed responses to this.

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Some have stated that it's merely a joke and that they were playing a game of 31 where the iKON members had to say each number in a cute member. Hence, Jun Hoe said it by impersonating Momo to say it cutely. But also, one of the listeners asked the members to sing a girl group's song and he simply just responded with TWICE's song and Momo's impersonation. Jun Hoe is also known to do a lot of imitations. On the other hand, others have said that there was no reason for him to mention Momo not once but two times in situations he doesn't need to. Therefore, they believe it ultimately comes off as mocking her accent especially if they don't even know each other. 

Some of the top-rated comments on an online community portal read, "He just mocked Momo's accent huh? I think in this case he's at fault and should apologize", "Him mocking and following her accent is the same as when EXID was mocked for their accent by TMZ, it's wrong", and "If this was a girl group member supposedly mocking a boy group members' accent, people would be saying the same thing. Please don't defend them for their thoughtless behavior". 

While the other side has said the following, "If that's mocking her accent, what about the people who impersonate her on variety shows?", "It just sounds like they are impersonating her because she's cute", "When people impersonate others, they always tend to over do it. Why is this even an issue?", and more.

What do you think about the controversy?

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