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TEEN TOP reveal they didn't know about L.Joe's departure + admit they're disappointed in him

By yckim124   Monday, April 10, 2017   138,838   7,795   1



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TEEN TOP shared their honest thoughts on L.Joe's departure from the group.

In February, L.Joe filed for nullification of contract and officially announced that he'll be leaving TEEN TOP.


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During the showcase for TEEN TOP's new album 'High Five' on April 10, the members opened up about the situation with L.Joe.

Niel said, "I saw the news through an article during my solo promotions so I was startled. I worried a lot about what facial expressions to have when I meet our fans and what to tell them."

Chunji added, "His desires to promote solo rather than with TEEN TOP was very clear. We convinced him to promote together but then I saw the news about his departure while in practice so I was very startled. I was very disappointed in him."

Leader C.A.P explained, "I was really happy that he decided to record with us after we convinced him. But then several weeks later, I saw the news about his departure through an article. I was disappointed and even hateful, wondering if he couldn't have just told us ahead of time. I haven't contacted him ever since I read the news. It's already gone and passed now. I hope he does well on his own."

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charlie_d Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I love CAP, and what he said... pretty honest

shinyjonginnie Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I'm about to cry my eyes out.

topmedia Wednesday, April 12, 2017

ohmygod! TOP media what a mess you had done! im so sad that l.joe left was not because he don't like Teen Top but because the shitty company didn't give him chance to promote more of himself! L.joe my bias was a very talented entertainer.. He can freaking dance! rap! compose song! play piano and lookin bawlin hot at the same time! plus he can act and has so much interest in acting.. TOP Media you just lost an ARTIST!

Kjquave Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's not that I'm upset that he left, but HOW he left. But, it doesn't really matter now because the ordeal has already happened. Let's support this comeback and give the boys the recognition they deserve. They work so hard and deserve the love.

Theo22 Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ok-ok, I'm just really out now. Sorry for my bad english. There are two kind of comment I saw: "The boys haven't got reasons to be disappoint in L.Joe" and "Yeah, I'm disappoint too."Fisrt of all: it's my own ponit I don't want to argue anyone. Secondly: I'm disappoint too, but not just L.Joe. I'm proude of him, because he working hard for his dreams, but he really needed to talk about the boys. It's been almost seven year when they are debuted and Teen Top not that kind of group who don't love each other. So don't say t to me, that the boys don't love L.Joe and L.Joe don't love the boys, because L.Joe wear his Teen Top ring before a few weeks ago. In the boys situation I will be disappointed too. Teen Top is my ultimate band and L.Joe is my ultimate bias and I'm just out of this. Of course the are disappointed and L.Joe and the angels are disappointed too! Everybody is sad and, ah, I don't understand this. And stop hating on Niel, this is not his ***** fault, it's all because of the shit TOP Media. Stop hating on the boys and L.Joe too. They were nearly close to disbandment and everybody is just talk about that the boys are so bad and wtf. They are not. Everything is happend just now, they need time. Teen Top and L.Joe need time, pls. And what the hell. I'm so angry now. Angry because of shitty TopMedia. Afterall, the boys just said the truth, their feeling, why is it bad, ha?! I just can't understand why everybody is hating on somebody, just stop. I don't want to hear any hate against the boys or L.Joe. I'm out.

Theo22 Tuesday, April 11, 2017


cjh_forever Tuesday, April 11, 2017

L.joe been trying to go solo for a while and i dont get why people dont understand why. Teen Top is literally Niel, Chunji and background vocals/dancers. Niel and Chunji get all the spotlight. If you listen to their old music, Niel sings about 75% of songs (i'm exaggerating but its way up there) L.joe is probably just tired of living in their shadow. I will admit that songs like Rocking gave out more lines to the other members but he probably been thinking about going solo way before that. They gave Niel a solo debut before him when Niel is basically already a solo artist promoting with Teen Top. This isnt a hate comment towards Niel, Chunji nor Teen Top. But people need to understand how he is feeling and why he feels that way.

rosette93 Tuesday, April 11, 2017

ok he should just talk with them about his departure BUT couldn't they just say anything in type like Seungyoon talked about Taehyun's departure from Winner? he wants to have his own career like Niel had.

kpopfangirl100 Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I think l.joe should have confronted the members on his decision to leave, and explained what was going on between him and the company because the members feel like they were betrayed cause maybe they tell each other everything that they are facing so maybe that is why the members are disappointed

yesungturtle Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Even if it was all just a business, he still should have informed his members, they were not some strangers he just met, kind of sad...

belle76 Tuesday, April 11, 2017

they're disappointed him because for once in his life, he wanted to think about himself and his own dreams and aspirations? If their image as Teen Top is more important than L.Joe as a person that's their problem not his. I mean I can completely understand why they would feel hurt, it sucks when your friend doesn't tell you something as important as this. But they shouldn't be so narrow-minded and shallow. They should try to see it from the perspectives of L.Joe. There must be a reason why he didn't feel comfortable or confident in telling the members. Maybe he was just at his wit's end and going through some serious mental health issues (in which case, a lot of times you don't control your own actions. You're so trapped in this endless darkness and scared to reach out to anybody). And seeing how a couple members mentioned they were able to convince him to record with them, it sounds like they didn't give a shit about what he was feeling and just tried pressuring him to do something he couldn't bare to see himself do any further (aka be a kpop idol/be under the control of Teen Top). He probably was extremely frightened to face his members and tell them he wants to quit beforehand because they'd probably try to make him feel bad about his decision, as it would hurt their image. I think L.Joe was very courageous to make this move. I mean honestly, all these years and his label has done shit to help him progress and develop his career (kpop idol groups only last so long). If you have a friend who is acting strangely and/or retreats from you, don't put the blame on them. Instead, reach out to them and let them know you're there for them. The more you blame them or make them feel bad for feeling the way they feel, the deeper they'll sink. I'm glad L.Joe made the choice to leave this unhealthy environment and pull himself out of his darkness. Teen Top can get over their petty feeling of "betrayal" and still be a kpop group, but L.Joe couldn't and shouldn't have the need to stay somewhere that was affecting his mental health and self-worth.

belle76 Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Teen Top members comments in this article just proves they weren't genuine friends with L.Joe or even supportive of him. In the end, work is work. Who gives a shit what the public thinks of you. What should matter is that you're doing what YOU know what is right and that your loved ones are healthy and happy. In the end, you're responsible for yourself, you can't blame someone for ruining your image just because they want to think about themselves, as well.

OnceArmy belle76 Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I couldn't agree more:))

lilshocker8 belle76 Friday, April 14, 2017

I'm going to start by saying that I do think LJoe had very legitimate reasons to leave. But I also think that he went about leaving in the worst possible way. These boys have worked together for seven years, I think they have a right to be upset because LJoe blatantly lied to them about being in this comeback. The whole situation is a mess and everyone is just trying to cope with it in whatever ways they can. I understand why LJoe left, but I also understand why his doing so - and *not telling anyone while repeatedly lying and saying he'd promote this comeback with them* - would hurt the other five. Does that make sense? It's a crappy situation all around but it's not fair to tell the members to suck it up when their careers and futures just became significantly more unstable because LJoe couldn't be bothered to inform them about what he was doing, you know?

teentopped belle76 Monday, April 17, 2017

I agree with^^ I understand where you're coming from.... but if I was in Teen Top's shoes, I would feel pretty hurt and betrayed... I'm sure they tried to make Ljoe feel better because this whole situation has been going on ever since the end of last year. We have no way of knowing exactly what goes on in Teen Top's lives. I'm not blaming or pointing fingers at anyone for Ljoe leaving. I did read somewhere that Niel cried when he heard the news, I'm sure they all did.

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