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[Warning: Graphic Content] Iron's past girlfriend's identity exposed with shocking photos + current boyfriend speaks up

By jennywill   Tuesday, March 14, 2017   646,793   10,585   0



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Iron's ex-girlfriend's identity has been exposed.

After being accused of arrest for violent assault, Iron had revealed in an interview that ex-girlfriend 'A' had been on the cover of his albums. From this, her Instagram has been discovered, revealing some shocking photos.


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Currently, her Instagram has been changed to private after the influx of interest and hate comments left on her SNS.

Additionally, 'A's current boyfriend left a long statement on his Facebook, saying,

Hello, this is the boyfriend of 'A', who was the victim of Iron's violence. After I started to date 'A', I changed a lot. I originally liked being alone, but living with 'A' made me feel, for the first time in my life, that I wanted to take care of her.
Watching 'A' suffer so much next to me makes me feel chaotic, and I am not good with words. However, I feel like if I just leave these false rumors by thinking, 'truth will come out', the 'lies will become the truth', so I'm trying to have courage to speak up.
While dating 'A', we had a bit of a fall out. We fought a lot, and we got tired of it and didn't contact each other for a while. (I know she dated Iron during this time because she told me herself.) Last year on October 5 at 7AM, 'A' called me and said, 'I'm in so much pain. Can I go to your house? I'm a mess. I'm sorry I keep causing a burden'. I wanted things to end between us, so I said no. But I couldn't help but be worried something had happened to her.
A number I did not know then contacted me, and it was Iron. When I got the call, I didn't quite understand what was happening, so I thought 'A's father had called me to tell me something had happened to 'A'. When I got to our meeting place, Iron was there. He was very agitated, and told me to speak up if I had anything to say while hitting himself in the face.
I tried to calm him down and talk to him, so we drank beer and talked. Iron and I talked and I thought we were settling our misunderstandings. (At this point, I did not know he had beat 'A'.) He told me that he fought with 'A' this morning and had ended things, and said we should help each other if things with 'A' became problematic. When I heard that, I started being suspicious, and tried to find out what was happening. In the process, I found out that 'A' had been assaulted by Iron, and I was disappointed at myself for rejecting 'A' when she called me for help. When I got to 'A', her face and body were a mess. She had a split lip, her body and face were full of bruises, and she had a fracture on her finger (at this point, she hadn't even been to the hospital, so we didn't know she had a fracture). I was so hurt because 'A' had not even been able to report him properly because she was afraid of the consequences.
At first, she was scared of the consequences, but 'A' reported him, and was diagnosed with 5 weeks for full recovery and got her surgery. When she was discharged from the hospital, she was scared of even being in her house and stayed with me at my place. She got counselling and psychological therapy, and even now, surgery for her finger is not complete. 'A's parents suffered a lot as they worried people would believe 'A's words against celebrity Iron's, and I became so angry that the victim was having such a hard time while the assailant was not.
And today, articles about things that happened 6 months ago were spread without any warning. 'A' could have talked about the incident right after it happened, but she was scared of her personal identity being revealed and becoming labelled as a snake who wanted money from a celebrity. However, because of Iron's false interview, her personal information was revealed, and now she is receiving cyber bullying on top of the assault.
The focus of the situation is that she was threatened and assaulted when trying to break up with him, not her sexual preference. Also, her photos being gossiped about while she was posing as a model is making her suffer. 'A' has no intentions of getting money, and she does not even want to reach an agreement. Also, we are screenshotting all hate comments, defamations of character, and false rumors about 'A', and she will be taking legal action. If you see any hate comments or posts, I would be grateful if you could please tell me through messenger or email. The email address is [redacted].
Lastly, I want to reveal a conversation between 'A' and Iron's older sister. This is 5 months after the situation, where she tried to reach an agreement with 'A'.

The messages read,

1: I'm Heonchul (Iron's real name)'s older sister. I thought you would feel burdened if Heonchul contacted you first, so please understand that I'm contacting you instead. Even I think Heonchul wronged you immensely. If you are okay with it, Heonchul wants to meet you, apologize, and talk to you. I can't face you because I'm someone who didn't manage her little brother properly, but if you see this, I hope you respond. I'm sorry I'm contacting you now.

1: If you see this, please respond.. I beg you.. I want to talk to you in person, as well.. If you're uncomfortable [with Iron], then let's just meet, the two of us. Please contact me back.

1: I don't want to talk about who did what wrong.. We're going to be seeing each other, so I hope we can solve this without the need for us to keep avoiding each other and being embarrassed in the future.. Please contact me back~

A: Unni, I actually saw these messages yesterday, but I did not respond. The surgery on my finger from the injury I received back then is still not done, and I have counseling because of the trauma from the incident. I think it would be hard for met to meet you in person.

1: No, thank you for responding.. I don't have anything I can say.. I completely understand you.. I don't know what to do about this situation, either.. We spent over 10 million KRW in Heonchul's lawyer fees, so our family is not doing so well.. My mother is sick as well, so we can't let this out.. So I wanted to talk to you in person and beg for kindness instead of through text because I didn't have any other way, and I'm so thankful you responded.. Heonchul is having a hard time after that day, and he's feeling that way right now as well. I hope you can give Heonchul a chance to apologize to you and your parents.. If you don't want to see us, I hope you'll give at least me a chance to meet your parents.. I'm so sorry.. Really...

What do you think of all that's happening?

  1. Iron

Rose_Takayanagi Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Another weird interesting case lol

minivilly Sunday, March 19, 2017

Disturbing stuff... They are wlearly all living weird lifes/relationships

j1msm Friday, March 17, 2017

I can't believe there's people in the comment section blaming the girl... stop sticking up for your favorite "OPPA" you fans sicken me. Iron is a asshole and very cocky. didn't you guys hear his diss at gdragon and top calling them gaypop not KPOP or some shit like that.

MissMandy Friday, March 17, 2017

First why only the pic of the bruise ???? I mean all the pics showed her face , why only that pic ?  Why did the girl didn't report the matter to police or her family? creating fake account is not difficult, who knows whether Iron's sister account is genuine or  not?  I dnt know who Iron is.... but instead , before you or I  judge or make comment on someone make sure that we all should know the truth and whole story, someone life depends on it.

Canpyhills Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goodness, just to graphic for my eyes!  So sad for all parties involved with this new outburst of anger and revenge.  It seems like Iron likes girlfriend to be a sex kitten.  Two wild cats, when something go wrong with him and or her, anger from both sides seem to burst out and one gets hit and hurt in serious way.  Sad all the way around.  There was no need to show those panties to make the story released to  press more sensational.  This hurts the lady involved and hurt his career too.  Things that went to far.

Ulla Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wow. Beg for other people's kindness and forgiveness because he got sued and being unkind and inhumane.. Well if he loves his mother then why didn't he think about the consequences of his behavior before he treated someone that way? Btw. Such disingenuous apology to the victim.. he calls himself a man? Why does he need his sister to speak up for him? I doubt it's because he's worried that the girl feels burdened. ..I'm still weirded out by the fact that Iron went to A's current boyfriend first and talked about how to deal with problematic A together before even send A to the hospital or treat her himself.. dude she's wounded and he was the one who hit her he knew how serious her wounds are! He even had time to chill and drink beer with her bf?? WTF? [b]I take responsibility for my actions[/b] - [i]Iron "System"[/i] ..Someone needs to revise his lyrics

jumbawamba Wednesday, March 15, 2017

iron better keep his sick mother in mind before he wanna hit any girl. Abusive behavior its not something you could easily heal, ask the neurologist, its something that happened in brains. once youre an abusive person, it cant be changed.

jo_nelly Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I'm sorry, I can't get past the period underwear. Wtf is she? Nah, this is a genuine question. Is she a porn star or something? Please, I really just want an answer.

dlc311 Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This is so horrible and my heart goes out to her....

DalgiCake Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Damn, Iron is Sangwoo. 

The boy even stabbed his own leg. The bloody hell? They're both foolish though! Bruh, they need some prayer and even that obviously wouldn't help get them in the right mindset in a million years. While hitting himself in the face......WHILE HITTING HIMSELF IN THE FACE!!!! ! wHiLe HiTtInG hImSeLf iN tHe Face. Egged up underwear and hands cracking peoples bones. Naah I'm done. Why are people so violent and needy for violence? 

I'm sick of this world.

Lucifer has them bound lmao.

kimhyunjoong334 DalgiCake Wednesday, March 15, 2017

how does he do that at the same time??? didnt he stab his "friend" too?

DalgiCake kimhyunjoong334 Wednesday, March 15, 2017

His life is just all over the place. Stabbing his friend, stabbing himself, I don't even know anymore. He's a violent multitask-er who needs help. I think he did those separately though.

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