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Celebrities' photo shoots that stirred controversy among netizens

By SassyGrrrl   Wednesday, December 28, 2016   293,229   6,530   0



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In light of the continuing controversy over Hara and Sulli's photo shoot, the thought of other Korean celebrities' controversial photo shoots easily comes to mind. 

While many celebrities have received flak and created heated debates over their personal photos and outfits, this list focused on pictorials that incited netizens' disapproval. Check out the list below and get ready for some jaw-droppers.

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Sulli & Hara

The photo causing all the buzz! While it may seem cute and innocent to some, this photo is giving the wrong idea and leaving a bad impression - even the company 'Johnson & Johnson' themselves complained. The photo, according to netizens, gives off a rather racy, underage vibe with the girls seemingly naked under one big shirt. The netizens mostly complained that this seemed too sensual and seemed to promote 'lolita' fantasies.

Park Bo Gum

If Sulli and Hara seemed to be giving off an inappropriate 'lolita' vibe, then netizens complained that Park Bo Gum's photo shoot gave off a 'shotaro' vibe. The 'Shotaro Complex' is just like the 'Lolita Complex' except with boys.  His photo shoot is being accused of encouraging the complex as, in it, Park Bo Gum allegedly looks like a little boy when he's not.

Kim Byung Ok

Both sexual and disturbing, Kim Byung Ok's cover photo appeared on the cover of 'Maxim' in 2011. Netizens were simply outraged as it portrayed the abuse, kidnapping, and assault of a woman as you can see her legs tied and dangling out of his car's trunk. They believed this looked misogynistic and seemed to advocate hurting women.


Dohee is another idol to try the 'lolita' concept and receive some flak for it. While she may seem cute, it could seem suggestive and was noted for having a larger 'lolita' influence due to her petit body and youthful face.  Her poses and revealing outfits also seemed too sexual.


IU was another celebrity accused of pandering to the 'lolita'-infatuated audiences. Her album 'CHAT-SHIRE' featured some suggestive photos with this one being the most spoken about due to the books in the background with titles such as 'Delicate' and 'Discipline.' They noted that she also looked to be naked under the covers.


Stellar had met with many controversies regarding photos (such as their G-string photos), but this one takes the cake. The 'lolita' concept wasn't so peachy (get it) with the netizens as the girls are revealing more skin and are seen posing in rather odd, sexual ways.

BESTie Haeryung

Appearing to be both demeaning to a woman's character and overly sexualized, BESTie's Haeryung came under fire after she released a series of photos with 'Arena Homme Plus' that showcased her in numerous sexual positions in sheer tights.

Trouble Maker Hyuna & Hyunseung

Another duo sending people into fits of rage were Trouble Maker's HyunA and Hyunseung. They released a series of photos for their comeback that showcased HyunA engaging in a variety of sexually explicit acts such as unbuttoning his pants or the one shown above. Trouble Makers indeed.


Not only were these girls getting enough hate from their teaser video and overall debut but they also saw some hate upon releasing their teaser images. The group 4L dug a deep pit as they used their bodies to gain attention. Even their agency stated the group was meant to show off their "raw sexiness" through their girl-on-girl concept.

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YoUrAvErAgEVIP Friday, December 30, 2016

XXD isnt it funny that half of these is like daily pics in the us... lol really??? to sexual

shireen_deen Thursday, December 29, 2016

One of the reason Ive never been into Kpop girl groups is this. They are totally underdressed. So how can I take their voices seriously. not expecting them to be all wrpped up but to look like 4L above in a MV is a turn off. I wonder if the boy groups arent distracted at all. Or are they immune to iit already . LOL. World famous female singers can be sexy without over exposing themselves. Not everyone can be madonna

kpoplolita shireen_deen Friday, December 30, 2016

thats why 2ne1 is one of the few idol gg to stand out (like fx) among the masses. Ii stan because they never focused on sexy concepts (they werent called pretty either) and they rarely wore revealing attire. they charmed the public with their charisma and stage presence and the synergy of all 4 u can tell who was singing and they were badass.

kpoplolita Thursday, December 29, 2016

here we go

kpoplolita Thursday, December 29, 2016

1) that aint lolita nor underage ya pervs. if you are old enough to have sex you know baby oil is used as lube as well in foreplay/sex 2) bo gum putting on lipstick and looking shy... hmm I get kids play with makeup but, i dunno what their intention was but it sure wasn’t shotaru IMO 3) kim byung ok… ok i see why they would complain but if he’s known to play a villainous bad guy role all the time then i get it despite the sour aftertaste in my mouth 4) lolita fetish = attraction to prepubescent girls. Dohee got dem tittays and certainly does NOT look like a child, its a straight up +18 intention LEGAL provocative shot 5) ahh “sly fox iu” watver the fuck knetz think she is. she’s not nude u can see her shoulder strap. THAT BOOK "delicate NEW FOOD CULture” IS according to google books = "To eat in a way that is better, more delicious, more aesthetic, and more passionate is the collective goal of an international scene comprised of independent producers, shops, restaurants, activists, designers, and event managers”. Leon is also a cookbook. jesus talk about digging deep 6) stellar: again not lolita, i wear teddy bear socks and i have bunnies on my panties that don’t make me no lolita wannabe, i think its cute. secondly look at stellar bods, they are ALL WOMEN and grown, NOT prepubescent which is a prerequisite of being/doing lolita. 7) haeryung, u do you babygirl, although u and i both know that position is enjoyable and she is shooting for Arena HOMME (man) so yes suggestive pic indeed. 8) LOOOOOL troublemakers right there LOL they have to be at the top of the list for inappropriate XD 9) i guess 4L means 4 lesbians according to the concept their agency wanted to go with. they know sex sells, not sure if they are doing well or not

BigBlueagain Thursday, December 29, 2016

KNetz need to get laid. (smh)

crazyft Thursday, December 29, 2016

now that i fully understand the LOLITA concept and giving on hate for whose doing it so why they are using it in their Media ? seriously...and i really didnt like BoGum's pic

crazyft Thursday, December 29, 2016

and BTW i like sexy dark and hot concepts ^_^

Lost_in_Paradise Thursday, December 29, 2016

Just asking, did Troublemaker date?

unscrewedhorses Lost_in_Paradise Thursday, December 29, 2016

I sure as hell hope so.

Lost_in_Paradise unscrewedhorses Thursday, December 29, 2016

Same!! I think there was some controversy regarding the idea though.

pirismile Thursday, December 29, 2016

Troublemaker 😍😍, please comeback sooon!!!

ana_martins Thursday, December 29, 2016

if you don´t find lolita concepts wrong there is something really wrong with you. You can´t use the "they are all adults" excuse because even if they are adults they are portraying themselves as kids and sexualizing themselves making it seeming okay sexualize kids. so in the end they are promoting pedophilia. I dont think is the same thing as koreans doing aegyo and so because in that cases they are just acting cute and that is normal (just because you are an adult dont mean that you need to stop acting cute or childish sometimes). JUST LOOK AT THE PHOTOS. They give a weird vibe, like they are doing sexual poses or given an impression that they are naked (also in some photos they have school elements and things that remember kids/teens) while they have an innocent/pure vibe/face expression (suposably to port a virgin image, given an ideia of take her virginity). look, you can act cute, and then sexy, and then dorky etc in different times of your day but you can not act cute and sexy (or even worse like really sexual) at same time because that is what makes lolita fetish working. that is way i can´t defend the idols that agree with it.

ArmyChimChim ana_martins Thursday, December 29, 2016

I feel you , but Asian are very crazy over lolita fetish ...especially in Japan ( there are so crazy over this and this is not normal their thinking is really damaged ) about how idols doing aegyo ....well is normal yeah when you do it once ot two times but they do it all the time on stage /off stage ...everywhere , I don't know but this is not okay ... 24,25 years old womens to act like 10 years old kid and make a baby voices. I was in Korea last year ... and let me give you an example for what I saw . I was on the street waiting for my taxi and next to me one girl and boy ( a couple) they talked about something ,and the girl wanted a jewelry from the store but the boy refused to buy her and then after a second the girl started make a some sounds like crying with a baby voice ,making the face of a spoiled stupid kid ,pushing the boy to the store and trying to cry and to act ''cute'' and the boy was like '' b*tch please stop '' Sorry but for me this is not normal at all

Muziklover18 Thursday, December 29, 2016

That Stellar one i love it !!

kpopace9 Thursday, December 29, 2016

I find it kind of weird that people keep complaining about the lolita concept, but (as far as I know) acting like a little kid and putting up the voice of a little kid is something big in South-Korea and that is no problem because that is cute. I get that the lolita concept has something sexual to it, but isnt the whole aegyo thing there to let people fall for them too? If your issue with the lolita concept is that bad, complain about the aegyo thing too (disclaimer: please don't, because my brain cannot handle reading about all the useless things people complain about). And about the other pictures (well it goes for all pictures) long as they are not forced to pose some way they do not want to, I do not see the problem.Since I am no frequent poster let me say this in advance. Happy New Year everyone and watch out for your hands if you decide to play with fireworks!!!

InfiniteElf92 kpopace9 Thursday, December 29, 2016

Aegyo is just cuteness, lolita historically was linked to paedophilia. Two totally different things

Mana92 InfiniteElf92 Thursday, December 29, 2016

Idk some ways they use aegyo it's hand in hand with lolita. There's being cute and whiny and then theres acting like a little girl. Not saying all people do that. Most groups do lolita though...I mean the 101 show was meant to be a "sort of porn" according to the person in charge of it. Not to mention some of them are minors. Young girls in school uniforms are all over kpop. They choose who to attack for this and let other people get away with it is the problem. It's bs. Either get rid of it or get over it.

InfiniteElf92 Mana92 Thursday, December 29, 2016

The director of the show who said that was chastised for his comments. Point is lolita historically related to sexualising girls below the age of consent, Aegyo not so.

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