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AOA's Chanmi tears up talking about the difficult decision she had to make

AOA's Chanmi may be doing well now but that doesn't mean she didn't harbor any doubts about the idol life in the past. 

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Chanmi was only in middle school when she decided to become an idol, and oftentimes she wondered whether the path she chose was the right one. In an interview on a recent episode of 'Channel AOA,' Chanmi relayed tearfully, "Even though we won first place with 'Mini Skirt' and took the album jacket photos for 'Short Hair,' I felt really frustrated. I thought a lot about whether this really is the image that I had pictured for myself at this age, and what I should have done was talk it over with the other members; but I was young and immature. I just thought that I should just get out of here. So that's why I ran away." 

Thankfully, Chanmi didn't get far and Jimin found her in the nick of time, safely returning with the maknae to the dorms. 

ChoA did her best to soothe Chanmi, saying in an understanding tone, "Because I started work as a singer after entering college, I thought that because I'm doing what I love, I'll endure it even when it gets tough, but for Chanmi that's not the case. If you look at it, she made [a big] decision too early.

Chanmi added with an air of sagacity, "Everyone, running away is not the answer. You'll eventually return. The inside is nice? There's no one like the members."

Sounds like Chanmi's grown up a lot in the past couple years!

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