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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Wednesday, March 9, 2016

[Album & MV Review] FIESTAR - 'A Delicate Sense'



Track List:
1. A Sip of Lips
2. Mirror *Title
3. Mr. Black
4. Thirst
5. Back and Forth
6. Mirror (Inst.)

FIESTAR members have been busy in various outside activities this past year. Cao Lu has made a splash with variety shows, and Yezi put forth some amazing work in 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' and released a solo album dripping with attitude. But FIESTAR is all together again to bring you their new 6-track mini-album, 'A Delicate Sense.'

"A Sip of Lips"
Yezi provides the lyrics for the first track, "A Sip of Lips." It has a rather unique start, with some autotuned sampled lyrics giving us the intro to this tune. It morphs into a foot-stomping banger, although a bit more mid-tempo than a standard dance tune.  Obviously, this is about kissing.

The title track continues the slow, seductive trend we heard in "You're Pitiful." Featuring a muffled, deep synth, the instrumentation contrasts and blends nicely with the vocals. It's got that same kind of sexuality, barely kept in check. Written by Linzy and Yezi, the lyrics talk about a girl who doesn't like the mess she sees in the mirror after a breakup.  

"Mr. Black"
Featuring bendy synths and smooth, mid-tempo beat, "Mr. Black" features whispery vox, and is the shortest cut on the album. It's got some honey vocals, which work extensively in its favor. The only thing I could ask is a little more oomph. The singing is a bit restrained, like they're holding back. The track is authored by Hyemi and Yezi, and the girls are singing about an encounter with a lover.  

Is a slow burner ballad with some fuzzy, bendy synths, and some beautiful vocal work. They manage to seem sincere without going overboard. The whole effect is of guarded vulnerability. The girls have some great voices, and it would be a shame to waste them on something that doesn't challenge them as much. Written by Yezi, it's obvious this 'thirst' is for something other than a beverage.

"Back and Forth"
This track has a steady beat with just the right amount of variation and apparently more chances to shine vocally. It's a slow piece of smooth jazz, complete with hints of sax and sultry vocals. Sometimes it seems as if they're pleading. This track was composed by Hyemi and penned by Hyemi and (surprised yet?) Yezi. The lyrics are about a guy who goes back and forth between the girls and another woman, and they're sick of it.

'A Delicate Sense' gives me the sense that they're not so delicate, and the songs tell me these girls are anything but. While I could wish for stronger vocals, I like the fact that the members participated in the songwriting process. It's always a good thing to see the group control the direction that the band will take. And I think ideas like "Mirror" are a step in the right direction, focusing on more than just songs about sex or looks. Overall, I think I want more beats and a faster tempo, something to get the heart racing and the blood pumping. It's not a bad album, it's actually well-done, but as I said, I want more.  


"Mirror" continues the darkly sexy bent started in last year's "You're Pitiful." The girls are in a darkened room, dressed in the gossamer threads of lingerie, providing more than just a hint of what lies beneath. We go through a series of individual shots and a tiny bit of dancing in this classy, sexy video.

The dancing here flashes by, unfortunately, too quick. We get a spin here, a gesture there, but nothing concrete. I would have preferred more choreography, but they've kind of moved away from that since "One More Time." The dance moves look halfway interesting, but I wanted more of a performance, for the lack of anything going on.

The wardrobe here is meant to draw male viewers in. But we've seen the lingerie schtick before -- Nine Muses, Rainbow, and others. I won't deny that they're fun to watch, but imagine the people you see in the street, or in school, in the same outfits day after day. You'd be crying out for some variation, too.   

It's a little cliche, and I've seen this thing in a lot of videos, but admittedly not for awhile. So perhaps I should judge on individual merits? It's definitely watchable, and the cavalcade of images is engaging enough. The song is pretty catchy, too, and the way the motions and scene shifts match up with the music is well done. So, I guess I'd have to say it's an okay video, but a pretty good album overall. 

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MV Production.......8 
MV Concept...........7
Album Production..8 
Album Concept......8


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