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Posted by GhostWriter35 pts Friday, January 22, 2016

10 overrated actors/actresses of the K-Drama scene

1. 10 overrated actors/actresses of the K-Drama scene

There are a lot of actors and actresses who have made a name for themselves and are doing extremely well out there, but sometimes, it makes you wonder why? Looks like there's overhype for people who are good, of course, but not as good as they're made out to be. Check out these actors who may be a bit overrated in comparison to their popularity.
(Please keep in mind that overrated doesn't mean they are bad at what they do, rather there's some question as to what makes them as overhyped as they are now.)
2. Park Shin Hye
She's a beautiful actress and all, but let's be real - she hasn't challenged herself to her full abilities as of yet. She takes on comfortable roles, usually generic ones of the damsel in distress, where most of the time, she just has to look vulnerable and teary, and occasionally, she looks fierce and ready to defend herself. Otherwise, there is little versatility or emotional range here. I'm not a fan of her delivery, either. There's a rigid, practiced-and-repeated, rehearsed vibe to her lines a lot of the time. Her movements and body posture are likewise unnatural. Still, I see a lot of potential (her crying scenes ARE quite beautifully done, I admit) and she is starting to try different things, as 'Pinocchio' showed growth and a different image from the norm, so I look forward to her future projects!
3. Lee Min Ho
Like Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho doesn't push his boundaries when it comes to roles and emotions. He's mostly the cool, tough guy. He showed some sensitivity in 'Heirs,' which was refreshing, but otherwise, it is a wonder as to how he became such a huge international star. He looks cool and he can act, but it is nothing so amazing as of yet to have people go crazy over him when there are other better and more experienced actors out there. For now, he seems more of a teen heartthrob, but he can be so much more by expanding the roles he takes on. He's a super cool and nice guy, but he's also making a ton of money over roles that really any basic actor should be able to do.
4. Lee Seung Gi
Lee Seung Gi is good at expressing with his eyes (although sometimes he puts too much force behind them so it comes off, well, forced), but most of the time, his characters lack depth. They seem to be covered on the surface through just a tough, angsty demeanor or a sweet, vulnerable persona - it's almost too simple. He can express the emotions, but when it comes to layering and complexity, he doesn't go deep enough. Otherwise, talented guy in many different areas (MC-ing, singing), but he can work harder for the hype when it comes to his acting.
5. Jun Ji Hyun
This is definitely going to cause some hate. She's a very talented actress, but is she so much better than other actresses that she is as global a phenomenon as she is now? Her most famous works were 'My Sassy Girl' and 'You Who Came From Another Star,' and they were essentially the same character (okay, not the same but very, very similar) - and it's also essentially just her being herself. Her transitions between the funny side of Cheon Song Yi and the deep, reflecting side of Cheon Song Yi were not smooth, and she could try challenging herself with more versatile roles that aren't just her normal personality in script form.
6. Kim Soo Hyun
He's a good actor and dedicated, don't get me wrong, but what is the hype? Honestly, the hype has to just come from how successful his drama 'You Who Came From the Stars' was; otherwise, he's talented, but not so much more than other actors to the point he is another global phenomenon. He caught Korea's attention with 'The Moon That Embraces the Sun,' which was fine, but he became so ridiculously huge on an international level after 'You Who Came From the Stars,' and that seemed a bit of an overreaction. His portrayal of emotions is spot on - no qualms about that. He deserves the love and recognition, no doubt, but it just seems a bit unfair to other actors of equal or even better caliber. He won the Daesang for short drama 'Producer' for Pete's sake, and he wasn't even the lead. I think he could push himself a bit more in versatility, too, which I see him starting to do now.
7. Song Hye Kyo
Yet another case of an actress being the Queen of Melodrama and comfortably staying in that zone where she can cry while looking pretty. That's basically all she's done since 'Full House,' where she showed there was more to her and that she could be both spunky and comedic. After that, she's stuck to safe (and boring) dramas in which all she has to do is basically look pretty and cry. To me, she's one of the most gorgeous actresses out there, but her filmography has gotten old and tired. I just feel like her talent is going to waste with her doing the same thing over and over again, especially after she already showed she can do more than that.
8. Song Joong Ki
Another great actor, but also another one who makes you wonder, "What's the big deal with him?" In comparison to others, really. He's a good actor and clearly very into his art, but nothing about his roles really make me go, "Oh wow, he's really pushing himself and trying something new," or, "He's so amazing - the best actor in Korea." He sticks to his image. He's a really good actor, but why all this love? And it's a LOT of love.
9. D.O
To say that D.O is overrated comes from not only his acting but also his position as a member of EXO. Idol actors get much heat from the get-go, but when they actually turn out to be good, their acting abilities are blown out of proportion (Same applies for JYJ's Yoochun who is also good for an idol-turned-actor). They key phrase here is good… for an idol. D.O did exceed expectations, but that doesn't automatically place him in the same level as other veteran, even rookie, actors. D.O has much potential for growth as an actor, but it's too soon to give him a lead role and give him the amount of acclamation that he has been receiving.
10. Seo In Guk
While Seo In Guk is a good actor, he did debut as a singer with the intention to focus mainly on music. Compared to other actors who worked hard their whole life to get to where they are now AS primarily an actor and got the training, Seo In Guk is a bit lacking - yet he is more successful and well-liked. This just seems unfair to me because he is a good actor with natural talent, but he isn't the best out there. Regardless, he is getting lead roles left and right and a ton of international love.
11. Park Min Young
Her acting is decent. Maybe even fairly good. Amazing, though? Not so much. Also, she's another one who has gotten herself stuck in typecasting as she plays the bumbling and endearing yet smart and tough heroine who keeps finding herself or actively getting herself in trouble and needs her man to bail her out. It is seriously the same sort of character and acting over and over again. She could probably do it in her sleep by now.

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