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Posted by ssarahWho0 pt Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What did these 15 celebs do before stardom?

ChoA, UEE, Narsha, Min, Gummi, Jung Hyung Don, Huh Gak, So Ji Sub, G.NA, Song Joong Ki , Won Bin, Lee Tae Sung, Jackson, Yoon Sang Hyun, Ji Jin Hee
1. Won Bin - Car Mechanic
South Korea's national heartthrob Won Bin was not initially searching for stardom. He worked as a car mechanic after graduating from high school and dreamed of becoming a car racer.
2. So Ji Sub - Swimmer
Guess where So Ji Sub got those broad shoulders? He was a promising swimmer and even won a bronze medal in a swimming competition.
3. Song Joong Ki - Short Track Skater
Cutie Song Joong Ki was a promising short track skater who had no choice but to quit after an injury.
4. GOT7's Jackson - Fencing
GOT7's Jackson ranked 11th in the 2010 World Youth Fencing Championship for Hong Kong.
5. miss A's Min - Dance instructor & English teacher
Remember when miss A's Min was supposed to have a U.S. debut? Supposedly after the delay of her debut, she went off to South Korea to work as a dance and English teacher without notifying JYP or her family. She had to do what she thought was right!
6. UEE - Swimmer
UEE was also a talented swimmer like So Ji Sub in her youth. She most likely inherited the genes of her athletic father, who was a professional baseball coach for a South Korean team. She attended a physical education high school and was a swimmer who competed.
7. Jung Hyung Don - Engineer
The popular comedian best known for his work in 'Infinity Challenge' actually worked as an engineer for Samsung Electronics before entering the Korean entertainment industry. Who would've known?!
8. Huh Gak - Ventilator Fixer
Superstar K's Huh Gak dropped out of school after middle school to make money. He worked as a ventilator fixer and also made extra bucks singing for festivals.
9. Narsha - Retail
Before Brown Eyed Girls, Narsha reportedly was a top saleswoman working as an employee for a clothing store.
10. Crayon Pop's Gummi - Dermatology Nurse
Crayon Pop's leadr Gummi worked as a nurse in the dermatology department before she went for her singing career.
11. Ji Jin Hee - Photographer
Actor Ji Jin Hee graduated college with a degree in design and was working as a photographer for an advertising agency until he was approached by a talent agent to pursue a career in entertainment. So glad he did, 'cause he's an amazing actor.
12. AOA's ChoA - Sales Person
Like Narsha, ChoA was a top salesperson when she worked part-time for an electronic company. She shared that there where times when she would bring in almost $5,000 per month.
13. G.NA - English teacher
Before her singing debut, G.NA was an English teacher at an academy for quite a while.
14. Yoon Sang Hyun - Restaurant Manager
Yoon Sang Hyun, who debuted rather late as an actor, managed a small restaurant in front of a high school before he became that good-looking actor Korea now adores.
15. Lee Tae Sung - Baseball Player
Actor Lee Tae Sung was a baseball player who once dreamt of going professional but could not because of an injury. However, he was able to show his skills in his drama 'Two Outs in the Ninth Inning'.

  1. ChoA
  2. UEE
  3. Narsha
  4. Min
  5. Gummi
  6. Jung Hyung Don
  7. Huh Gak
  8. So Ji Sub
  9. G.NA
  10. Song Joong Ki
  11. Won Bin
  12. Lee Tae Sung
  13. Jackson
  14. Yoon Sang Hyun
  15. Ji Jin Hee
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