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Rookie actor Lee Ji Hoon grew 3" per month after having erotic dreams about Kim Hye Soo?

Lee Hyori, Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Hye Soo

What does singer-actor Lee Ji Hoon and rookie actor Lee Ji Hoon have in common other than their names? It turns out they also have dreams about female celebrities!


The two Lee Ji Hoon's were guests on the 5th's episode of 'Radio Star', where they opened up about the world that takes over after they drift asleep.


Singer/actor Lee Ji Hoon revealed, "Lee Hyori comes out in my dreams often. But for some reason, she's always my girlfriend in my dreams. When she comes out in my dreams, I always text her the next day, saying, 'You were in my dreams today, and you were my girlfriend. Doesn't that feel weird? Be careful today,'" bringing laughs on set with the mention of his playful texts.


Well it turns out, he's not the only Lee Ji Hoon dreaming about female celebrities as rookie actor Lee Ji Hoon also revealed the nature of his dreams and its effects, shocking the set.


The rookie actor Lee Ji Hoon said the woman he used to dream about is actress Kim Hye Soo! He shared, "The doctor told me I wasn't going to be growing anymore, but suddenly during the third year of high school, I started growing 8cm (~ 3 inches) a month. Because of growing pains, I was even admitted to the hospital. I don't know if it's just me, but when I started having growing pains, I also started having erotic dreams. And in my dreams actress Kim Hye Soo would appear wearing a bikini," leaving the set quite amused at the revelation.


The dream got even more intense as he revealed, "I was in the bathtub with her. After that dream, I started growing and went from 162 cm (~5'4") to 181 cm. I'm now 182 cm (~ 6') tall," leaving the set quite baffled wondering if erotic dreams are the key to growing taller!


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