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12 allkpop staff's top 3 songs of 2012

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Today is December 12th, 2012 or 12/12/12! Unless you're going to be around for another 90 years or so, today is the last repeating-number date of the century. To celebrate the day, we've decided to ask 12 staff members to pick their 3 favorite songs from 2012. Check them out below!

Johnny's Top 3

Although FIESTAR is just a rookie group, they have so much polish and finesse in their live performances. To top that off, I love the real instruments used in Vista and the Latin style influences. In the sea of idol groups and releases this year, Vista was extremely refreshing.

B.A.P - Stop It
The most played track on my playlist. As a huge old school KPOP fan, this song just hits the spot. Love the Happy-go-lucky 90's KPOP sound! The song feels like a mix between H.O.T and Untitle, who could possibly dislike that?

Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me
This is by far my favorite Girl's Day release. It really shows how they have matured over the years to become a top tier girl group, albeit still being highly underrated (sadly). Anyway, the song is beautiful and the catchy melody has been stuck in my head for weeks.

Paul's Top 3

Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending
A simple song that puts a smile to my face. Love the harmonica sound, brings back some memories of childhood and Jang Beom Jun's voice is soothing.

Big Bang - Blue
Completely different from what I expected Big Bang to bring and was pleasantly surprised. Great harmony and love the guitar playing throughout the song. Like the lyrics in the song, after a cold winter, it was soothing to listen to "Blue" as Spring approached.

Wonder Girls - Like This
I "Like This" because its fun and easy to dance to. The choreography was simple yet fun.

Eun Duk's Top 3

AOA - Get Out
This song is really fun, and it's a great follow-up for them. I love the music video and the choreography.

HyunA - Ice Cream
HyunA. Enough said.

BoA - Only One
BoA did a great job with this song, especially since she wrote it herself. I think it's a great song her singer-songwriter career.

KG's Top 3

Busker Busker - If You Really Love Me
This song reminds me of old-school K-pop. Plus I just love their voices. One of the most memorable songs of the year for me.

Lee Hi - 1, 2, 3, 4
I like seeing Lee Hi on stage because she's cute. She's still slightly chubby, and I think that's just part of her charm. She's still young but she's an amazing singer, and I think she's better than a lot of veteran singers.

Ailee - Heaven
Great debut song from a great singer. The song was great for her voice and her style of singing, and it gave her a solid standing in a huge market.

James' Top 3

B2ST - Beautiful Night
Great song by B2ST, definitely one of the best in the entire year. I usually tend to not listen to guys in K-pop, but this song definitely stood out.

Orange Caramel - Lipstick
A fun song by three beautiful ladies. I was addicted to this song from the moment I heard it.

After School - Flashback
A sexy song by eight beautiful ladies! What more can you want? Their song was amazing, but their choreography is what really got me into this song.

Carol's Top 3

Phantom - Burning
Phantom blew me away with their pre-debut covers and releases, and surprised me once again with "Burning". It was on repeat 24/7.

Dalmatian - E.R
With Dalmatian having been absent from the music scene for a while, I really didn't expect much for their comeback. However, they proved me wrong and put out a very solid album that could have easily used any of the tracks as its title track.

A Pink's Eunji & Seo In Guk - All For You
These two are so darn cute together and were amazing in 'Reply 1997'. Their chemistry continued into the perfect live performance of the song, and left me smiling and aww-ing throughout.

Elliefilet's Top 3

TaeTiSeo - Twinkle
"Twinkle" is like spicy fried chicken - the flavor profile is expected, but it has enough funk to keep me interested. Taeyeon's pointed riffs, Seohyun's creamy vocal tone, and Tiffany's sassy ad-libs are delicious.

Ga In - Bloom
This song isn't really worried about what I think. It wants to take me on a journey.

U-Kiss - Stop Girl
"Stop Girl" took a familiar sound and turned it into something refreshing and modern. It just sounds right when I hear it.

Seung's Top 3

10cm - Fine, Thank You, and You
This song is the embodiment of the perfect coffee-shop song, and in my opinion, 10cm has officially reached perfection.

Orange Caramel - Lipstick
Despite at first listen I couldn't help but think "What the heck is this", before I knew it I was humming along.

Block B - Nillili Mambo
'Cuz it's my jam.

Jinwoo's Top 3

AOA - Get Out - Love the music video and their dances, song is a lot of fun.

T-ara - Lovey Dovey - Shinsadong Tiger at his best, electropop with cowbells and dj scratches? Awesome.

Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me - Wow, I was impressed by this song. I was expecting a cute song which is what they're known for but this showed what they're really capable of.

Jenny's Top 3

Block B (Taeil, P.O, U-Kwon) - Burn Out
This song is sung by my 3 favorite Block B members, and P.O even wrote the lyrics for the song. Not only that, but Taeil gets to sing the majority of the song. Yay!

K.Will - I Hate Myself
K.Will had a lot of experimental songs this year, but I like his usual cry-your-heart-out ballads the best.

Taeil - Where Are You
I think this is the song that proved to non-BBCs that Block B isn't just a rapping group, but that they also have a strong lead singer. I spent days just listening to this song on one-repeat.

Casper's Top 3

Hello Venus - What Are You Doing Today
This song just came out, but it shot up to my favorites immediately. It has a fresh sound and an unexpected chorus that works perfectly. You can tell they worked really hard on this song during their long hiatus.

Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single
Super Junior's new song is finally different from their usual "Sorry Sorry" sound, and I think it pays off. This is one of the most addicting songs of the year for me. Ladies, I'm also Sexy, Free, and Single.

SISTAR - Alone
I thought the lyrics were relatable and the music was trendy. A lot of songs this year followed that fast tempo, guitar based pop ballad format.

GhostWriter's Top 3

Epik High ft. Lee Hi - It's Cold
I'm a big Epik High fan so I was happy to hear them again after the lengthy hiatus. Classic Epik High with wonderful electronic beat and a piano loop, the track also introduced Lee Hi to the world.

2AM - I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me
A great ballad song from 2AM once again. This is a good song to just listen and relax to.

f(x) - Beautiful Stranger
Amber shows off her rapping skills and love the electronic sounds in the song.

  1. boa
  2. epik high
  3. super junior
  4. big bang
  5. wonder girls
  6. ice cream
  7. 2am
  8. heaven
  9. after school
  10. k-will
  11. hyuna
  12. t-ara
  13. b2st
  14. lipstick
  15. fx
  16. beast
  17. ailee
  18. only one
  19. orange caramel
  20. girl's day
  21. block b
  22. taeil
  23. where are you
  24. blue
  25. get out
  26. busker busker
  27. lovey-dovey
  28. 1234
  29. power
  30. b.a.p
  31. 2012
  32. b.a.p



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