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Netizens pick the best celebrity hairstyles of 2011

By    Thursday, December 29, 2011   95,120   44,589   0



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Which hairstyles have made the strongest impression in 2011? 134 random SNS users were recently surveyed, and they picked the 4 male, 4 female celebrities that they felt had the trendiest hairstyles this year. ▶#1 Male hairstyle, Hyun Bin's 'Unbalanced Dandy Cut' for 'Secret Garden' 50% of the SNS users picked Hyun Bin's 'Unbalanced Dandy Cut' (bangs cut at an angle) as the best male hairstyle for 2011. His chic hairstyle is the one he rocked for the hit drama series 'Secret Garden', and with it, he perfectly played the role of wealthy Kim Juwon, creating what netizens call 'Hyun Bin syndrome'. Cha Seung Won's 'Two Block Wave' hairstyle for 'The Greatest Love' (front longer than the sides, wavy) earned 21% of the total votes, coming in at second place. And Won Bin's 'Skinhead' hairstyle with which the actor left a strong impression on viewers in his movie 'The Man From Nowhere' earned 17% of the votes, securing the #3 spot. Jang Hyuk's 'Soft Mohican' hairstyle for the drama 'Midas' came in at #4 with 7% of all votes. Other hairstyles that were chosen included 'Protect the Boss' star Ji Sung's baby perm, and 'I Am a Singer' Kim Bumsoo's 'Two Block Cut'. ▶#1 Female Hairstyle - Gong Hyo Jin's 'Short Balloon Perm' The female hairstyle that netizens selected as the best for 2011 was none other than Gong Hyo Jin's 'Short Balloon Perm'. This was the hairstyle that helped highlight her natural acting abilities in 'The Greatest Love', and her short, split bang hairstyle with soft waves helped bring out her character's personality. Gong Hyo Jin earned 41% of the total votes. Behind her was actress Soo Ae who came in at 2nd place with 33% of the votes. Soo Ae rocked a soft, and wavy hairstyle that brought out her feminine charm for her recent drama, 'Thousand Days Promise'. The braid hairstyle that was popular among celebrities like Kim Tae Hee in 'My Princess' and the members of Girls' Generation, came in at #3, while Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-in's 'Unbalanced Short Cut' hairstyle for 'All My Love' came in at 4th place. ▶Male and Female voters voted for different hairstyles. As a whole, both male and female netizens picked Hyun Bin's hairstyle as the #1 hairstyle of 2011, however, the men chose Won Bin's 'Skinhead' hairstyle as the second best, while the ladies chose Cha Seung Won's 'Two Block Wave'. And in the case of 2011's Best Female Hairstyle, the males picked the feminine and elegant hairstyle of Soo Ae as #1 (44%), while female netizens preferred Gong Hyo Jin's bubbly and casual hairstyle. Unix Electronics who conducted the survey remarked, "The Two-Block cut and the Unbalanced cut that was popular with the guys, and the Balloon Perm that was a hit with the ladies are all hairstyles that are extremely versatile. The more the public becomes interested in self-styling, the more they like seeing hairstyles that they can easily emulate." Source & Image: IlganSports via Nate

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