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Posted by AKP STAFF Friday, July 22, 2011

miss A on their comeback preparations, "Good Bye Baby", and growth as women


The biggest rookies of 2010 have finally jumped into 2011 with their first official album, "A Class"! Having swept a number of awards last year, the girls have returned with a more mature and chic image, as well as plenty of songs to satiate their patient fans with. They recently sat down for an interview with Mydaily to discuss their thoughts on their comeback preparations. == Suzy began, "We didn't think that we'd rank first on the charts, so we're all very glad. I was able to feel the anticipation that our fans built while they were waiting for us, but it was also a lot of pressure. It's only natural to be disappointed if you carry high expectations, so I was scared of our fans' reaction in case we weren't able to deliver as much as we had last year. I thought that it'd be fortunate if we had achieved similar results to last year's, but I was still nervous in case we did worse. It was like laying down to sleep, but feeling like you shouldn't be sleeping." Fortunately, "Good Bye Baby" is already on a roll both in album sales and with the amount of attention it's garnering. Produced by J.Y. Park, the song is addictive in that it incorporates a hip hop rhythm with drum beats. miss A explained, "'Bad Girl Good Girl' portrayed the image of a girl complaining about love while telling men to 'shut off'. This time, it's about a girl who's able to throw away a man without regrets and without feeling upset over the loss. After 'Breathe', we've transformed into women for the first time in 10 months. Even those around us told us, 'You've turned into women', and 'I can feel the aura of a woman from you.'" Chinese members Fei and Jia said, "Before, we used to write the Chinese lyrics next to our Korean lyrics to better understand it, but we've been working hard on our Korean since then and are able to express the emotions behind the lyrics in our recordings. Now, no matter what lyrics we sing, we're able to bring in 80% of the emotions from the song's lyrics into our singing." Commenting on how they worked with actor Kim Nam Jin for their music video, Jia said, "It was fun. I had a dream for acting, and I really wanted to act whenever I monitored Suzy's drama. It was a rare opportunity for me so I truly did my best for the music video." Speaking on the album itself, the girls stated, "The album's concept, outfits, choreography, and songs all feature participation by us to better show off our colors. Last year, we focused on singing, but with this album, we worked to show the artist side of us. It's still early, but we'll slowly build our experience up to the point where we can compose and write lyrics." The girls concluded the interview by choosing a triple crown as this album's goal. Considering their achievements last year, it definitely shouldn't be a hard goal to achieve! Source + Photos: Mydaily via Nate

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