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Posted by AKP STAFF Friday, October 8, 2010

Soomi on the switch from Seeya to Co-Ed


Co-Ed's leader Soomi recently explained the changes she went through while switching from being Seeya's maknae to Co-Ed's leader. The first noticeable change is her physical appearance. Soomi usually opted for the cute bang hairstyle with natural black hair, but for Co-Ed, she dyed it green and orange, and pulled it up into a high pony tail, or what she calls, "the pineapple hair." She stated, "My hair style changed a lot. We changed it many times, and kept dying and redying. My hair has gotten a lot coarser because of it. I never thought I'd have to go to such extremes with my hair." She also lost a lot of weight, a total of 4 kg. "I began dancing since my days with Seeya, so there wasn't a lot of pressure. But still, the 20 hour rehearsal times really tired me out. I lost about 4 kg." When asked to comment on switching over from singing ballads to idol music, she revealed, "My genre did change from ballad to dance, but it's not that difficult. I originally had an interest in both sides anyway." Soomi concluded the interview by stating, "I liked acting cute and being loved as the maknae when I was with my Seeya unnis. It's fun with Co-Ed because we're all similar in age, but since I'm the leader, I have to earn to take more responsibility and manage a lot more things." Source + Photos: Sports Chosun

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