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Posted by AKP STAFF Monday, December 28, 2009

Rebellious Sulli takes netizens by surprise


Another lapse of Sulli's past was unearthed and has been the talk of netizens lately. The 15-year-old cutie demonstrated the rebellious side of her in the 2007 film "Punch Lady," wherein she landed a small role as Gwak Chun Sim. No, the movie is not about a lady who serves an assortment of sugary drinks at festive parties (far from it, in fact). Instead, it deals with an abused woman with a husband whose occupation is a professional fighter. He severely beats his wife to a pulp on a daily basis, yet she cannot will herself to leave him. After a turn of events, she finally stands up for herself and her daughter and challenges him to a fight in a boxing ring. Sulli has received a lot of love from fans for her cute and sweet image as a member of f(x). Seeing as Sulli is viewed as a little sister to many, it's understandable that people were caught off guard by the contrasting character she played in the movie. Instead of her usual bright appearance, Sulli looked austere and expressionless. In the middle of the movie, Sulli downs a shot of soju, bites the glass from which she drank out of, and chews on the broken remnants as her lips bleed. You can't get any more badass than that (unless your name is Vic and you own a sniper, in which case, that automatically makes you awesome). Netizens praised Sulli's rebellious complex on online noticeboards. "Sulli's rebellious act is the best!" "Her glare is explosive." "What a contrasting image!" When time permits, I recommend giving "Punch Lady" a punch watch. It's very similar to 2002 U.S. film "Enough," which starred J. Lo as the female lead in an abusive marriage. Watch the first episode below (skip to 6:06 for Sulli's appearance). cr: kpoplover1991 Sulli cut without subs. cr: vagabond1080

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