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Posted by AKP STAFF Saturday, September 12, 2009

Incheon Korean Wave Festival 2009 Wrap-Up


The kpop music scene is undeniably saturated right now, and it got even hotter tonight! Though we're seeing many popular artists on stage every week these days, we know a lot of you just can't get enough of your favorite stars and want to see them on more than just music stages. Well, such wishes were granted this week with the Incheon Korean Wave Festival, which featured the hottest artists of 2009, including those that aren't currently promoting... so anticipate a flashback of this year's biggest hits! The festival was originally scheduled for August 22 but was pushed back to September 5, which only served to amplify the anticipation. MBC finally aired the concert footage tonight, and it was great to see all these artists together on stage again. From SNSD to Super Junior, M to SHINee, Baek Jiyoung to KARA, FT Island to Younha and many more, this performance list was hot... and of course, we can't forget 2PM's final (?) performance as a seven-man group. The artists performed their top one or two recent hits of the year, making this a very rich set of performances that any fan could enjoy. Whether you were full of anticipation or anxiety, thanks for sticking with allkpop as we revealed the hottest stages of this special MBC event minute by minute! Lee Jung Hyun - Wa Lee Jung Hyun - Vogue It Girl Chaeyeon - Two of Us Chaeyeon - Fool FT Island - Lovesick & I Hope SHINee - Scar & Juliette Jewelry - Bounce & Vari2ty Younha - 1, 2, 3 & Password 486 Baek Ji Young & Taecyeon - My Ear's Candy Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra M - Minnovation Junjin - Hey Ya M + Junjin - TOP, Perfect Man, Brand New KARA - Wanna & Mister 2PM - Again & Again & I Hate You (article here; Nichkhun was absent) SNSD - Gee & Tell Me Your Wish Super Junior - Sorry Sorry (remix version... complete with fireworks!) Which performance was your favorite? videos: CodeMonmonSeason4

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