Posted by AKP STAFF Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Artist Copied Big Bang?


Big Bang may not have plans to debut in China anytime soon, but they've got some fans over there already. In fact, c-pop artist Lin Zheng Hao liked the group so much that he released a song a while back called My Theme Song that sounds almost exactly the same as Last Farewell. I don't want to flat out accuse the guy of plagiarism, but unless he secretly has ties to Brave Brothers, he most definitely did not come up with the goods himself. The beat, the song arrangement, even the music video setting--all suspiciously similar. The way Lin Zheng Hao says "so so come on girl" at 3:09 reminds me of the way G-Dragon says "sappun sappun hi" at 2:14 in the Last Farewell MV. Lin Zheng Hao, My Theme Song cr: jaeuraznmv1 Big Bang, Last Farewell cr:chomchom9 Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Seems like Lin Zheng Hao has a thing for big, flashy Chanel necklaces...just like our boy G-Dragon. If you were paying attention during the MV, Lin Zheng Hao came out wearing the necklace at about 2:57. Perhaps this explains why he randomly yelled "It's for my fashion show!" in the middle of the song--someone had demanded an explanation as to why he stole G-Dragon's necklace. This Artist Copied Big Bang? Thanks to Mandy for the tip!

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