BEAST Stays in Touch with Fans

Great news for our readers in Korea, it looks like one the hottest rookie groups as of late has jumped on the UFOtown bandwagon! For those of you that…

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G-Dragon's Message to UFOTown users

As G-Dragon prepares for his first live solo performance on tomorrow's Inkigayo, earlier in the week he released a special message to UFOTown Users. …

   Saturday, August 29, 2009   2,269   0   0
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Big Bang's Taeyang.. a Gynophobic?

Gynophobic? Big Bang's Taeyang explains what it is and I quote, "It means a fear of women." A little exaggerating, I'd say. As Taeyang speaks for him…

   Friday, June 19, 2009   3,992   44,989   0