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SNSD's 'Gee' goes 8-Bit

A youtube user by the name of taeng022 recently uploaded an interesting video of Girls' Generation / SNSD's hit track 'Gee'. The video depicts…

   Tuesday, September 21, 2010   15,123   0   0


Taeyeon disappears amongst her tall members

SNSD's kid leader Taeyeon sure fits her nickname. Recent photos from SNSD's Nintendo DSi CF sees Taeyeon losing her way in the midst of her long l…

   Thursday, April 8, 2010   15,512   0   0


SNSD commercials for Nintendo DSi

We reported earlier that the girls of SNSD / Girls' Generation would participate in a new advertising campaign for the Nintendo DSi. Well, you didn't …

   Monday, March 29, 2010   6,776   0   0


SNSD endorses Nintendo DSi

It was announced on the 29th that SNSD will be fronting the new advertising campaign for the Nintendo DSi. The girls of SNSD showed off their grea…

   Monday, March 29, 2010   10,358   0   0


Go Hyun Jung's 150 Chuseok Presents

Go Hyun Jung aka "Misil", who is currently filming in "Queen Seon Duk", gave a surprise Chuseok gift to the Queen Seon Duk team. What kind of gift? W…

   Thursday, October 1, 2009   1,594   0   0


Kim Bum Races on Mario Kart

Kim Bum continues to be the top choice for advertisers especially after Boys Before Flowers. His immense value as a blue-chip stock in the advertising…

   Friday, April 24, 2009   1,445   0   0

Site Announcements

ALLKPOP Giveaway #5: Nintendo DS

Update: The Winner has been selected. Congratulations to GookieKang! Thanks everyone for participating in our contest. We've already given away iPods…

   Tuesday, August 26, 2008   3,021   0   0