SHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli Nana B CF

A new Nana B CF featuring SHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli has been recently released. The premise is pretty simple, they're at a school and Minho is t…

   Wednesday, December 2, 2009   6,581   0   0

Special Features

CL is on Fire

For all my past thoughts that CL wasn't really worth much as eye candy...forgive me for I have sinned. CL stood out in my eyes and the eyes of everyon…

   Tuesday, August 25, 2009   15,232   0   0

Music Releases

Yozoh's Banana Party is so much fun

Although this song was part of Yozoh's debut album 'My Name is Yozoh' back in 2007, I have recently come across this gem. The lyrics speak for themsel…

   Friday, August 7, 2009   6,789   64,089   0


SHINee's New Nanas'B CF

After heating up noonas panties everywhere, SHINee continues to please with their latest CF for nanas'B BB Cream. Noona fans would have been satisfied…

   Friday, July 17, 2009   2,461   0   0

Music Releases

SHINee's CF love triangle

SHINee's Nana's B CF (Internet Version) shows quite the love triangle between Taemin, Minho, and model Lee Se Yeong. The extended version of the CF s…

   Thursday, February 12, 2009   2,509   0   0