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Bae Soo Bin flaunts his copper abs

First Song Il Gook, and now Bae Soo Bin? I guess chocolate abs are a must-have for the male actors these days! Actor Bae Soo Bin revealed his hot &…

   Tuesday, February 23, 2010   16,622   0   0


Who else has 'chocolate' abs?

The term 'chocolate abs' can no longer only be used to describe incredibly hot men with nicely defined abs. Why? Because certain females have been s…

   Saturday, November 28, 2009   7,045   0   0


Kim C Flaunts His Abs

Kim C has revealed his nude upper body along with his surprising abs. On KBS2TV's 1N2D, the whole crew had traveled to the country side of Kang Won D…

   Monday, October 19, 2009   2,495   0   0