• Drama 'Doctor Stranger' depict lovers torn apart in new trailer

    April 16, 2014 @ 6:10 pm

    'Doctor Stranger' has released another trailer for the upcoming medical drama starring Lee Jong Suk!Again, it depicts the early set-up of the drama, showing Lee Jong Suk presumably in North Korea with a loved one before moving south as a defector to carry on his medical career.  It appears that intense circumstances are tearing him apart from the love of his life, Jin Se Yeon, and you can find out what happens for sure once the drama starts airin

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  • Kang So Ra and Park Hae Jin lock eyes with each other in still cuts for 'Doctor Stranger'

    April 11, 2014 @ 4:03 am

    Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon are not the only couple with love in the air as Kang So Ra and Park Hae Jin were also shown oozing with chemistry in still cuts for 'Doctor Stranger'.Park Hae Jin plays the role of elite cardiothoracic surgeon Han Jae Joon, and Kang So Ra plays the role of Oh Soo Hyun who is the skilled cardiothoracic surgeon daughter of the hospital's chairman. The two sweetly locked eyes before going into surgery, hinting at their l

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  • Lee Jong Suk's upcoming drama 'Doctor Stranger' releases first intense teaser

    April 9, 2014 @ 5:44 pm

    Who's excited for Lee Jong Suk's new work - the medical drama, 'Doctor Stranger'?To award the eagerly awaiting fans, SBS released the first teaser for the drama, proving that Lee Jong Suk's intensity since 'I Hear Your Voice' has far from dwindled - it actually increased tenfold as he becomes North Korean defector and genius doctor Park Hoon with the burning gaze.Check out his thrilling scenes in the short clip above and mark your calendars for t

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  • Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon enjoy a sweet bicycle date for 'Doctor Stranger'

    April 8, 2014 @ 7:32 pm

    Recent still cuts from 'Doctor Stranger' left viewers not only anticipating the drama but also wanting to go out and get some sunshine like Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon, who captured the essence of youth while enjoying a bicycle date in a rural setting.  The two filmed this scene back on March 31 in Chungcheongdo where the the actors reportedly looked after each other well, so maybe this off-screen friendship may help with their onscreen chemistr

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  • Taeyeon meets a fanboy with muscular dystrophy on 'The World's Most Beautiful Trip'

    April 8, 2014 @ 5:12 pm

    Girls' Generation's Taeyeon proved to be beautiful both inside and out as she participated in SBS's 'The World's Most Beautiful Trip' to meet one of her fanboys, 19-year-old Woo Jin, who had suffered muscular dystrophy his entire life to the point he eventually became confined to a wheelchair and could only move his fingers.  Finally, he got the chance to meet his idol Taeyeon, who had helped him gain courage and strength during his hardships.  

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  • VIXX look dashing as they travel around five cities in trailer for 1st global photobook 'Hello, Stranger!'

    April 3, 2014 @ 11:53 pm

    VIXX traveled to five cities across the world in the trailer for their first global photobook 'Hello, Stranger!' VIXX did some globetrotting in LA, Dallas, Milan, Stockholm, and Tokyo and blended in with the exotic environments like a chic chameleon. From the desert to the streets, fans could instantly feel the heart of each city and VIXX looked like they were enjoying every minute of it.You can also enjoy it as well along with VIXX as they show

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  • Lee Jong Suk is ablaze with charisma in a white coat for 'Doctor Stranger'

    April 3, 2014 @ 9:01 am

    Lee Jong Suk put on that magical white coat that has the power to make a girl swoon in still cuts for 'Doctor Stranger'! Lee Jong Suk went above and beyond to perfect his role as a genius doctor by studying medical terminology and practices. He also looked the part with his white coat and intellectual expressions.A rep commented, "Lee Jong Suk perfectly understood and acted out his role as the North Korean genius doctor Park Hoon and impressed t

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  • Lee Jong Suk, Kang So Ra, Park Hae Jin, and more attend their first script reading for 'Doctor Stranger'

    March 31, 2014 @ 10:32 pm

    Lee Jong Suk, Kang So Ra, Park Hae Jin, and more attended their first script reading for upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama 'Doctor Stranger'! For this particular script reading session, PD Jin Hyuk, writers Park Jin Woo, and Kim Joo, Lee Jong Suk, Kang So Ra, Park Hae Jin, Chun Ho Jin, Jun Kook Hwan, Park Hae Joon, Choi Jung Woo, Jung In Ki, Kim Ji Young, Goo Seung Hyun, and more were in attendance. The cast acted out the depth of their characters and

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  • Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon spotted on a motorcycle date in Hungary for 'Doctor Stranger'

    March 27, 2014 @ 2:07 am

    Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon were spotted on a motorcycle date in Hungary for 'Doctor Stranger'! The photos which were uploaded onto an online community site on the 27th show Jin Se Yeon holding on tight to the ever-so-handsome Lee Jong Suk as they romantically ride off into the sunset on the streets of Hungary, making fans wish they could switch places with either star.'Doctor Stranger' will be directed by 'City Hunter' and 'The Sun of My Maste

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  • Seo Young Eun sings 'Beautiful Days' for the 'Very Good Days' OST

    March 16, 2014 @ 1:07 pm

    Veteran singer Seo Young Eun blew listeners away with her refined voice in "Beautiful Days" for the 'Very Good Days' OST! "Beautiful Days" is composed by Kim Jong Ik and written by Lee Joo Yeop, and is a a remake of Choi Baek Ho's song of the same title which fit so well with the drama's theme that the staff selected it prior to the start of the drama. The song expresses the theme of time passing by and the innocent love once forgotten bein

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