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Yoo Se Yoon criticized harshly for using a derogatory term for the disabled during 'SMTOWN Live' concert

By jennywill   14 days ago   58,542   1,500   0



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Yoo Se Yoon is under fire for his poor choice of words.

He and Muzi's team UV were guests at the 'SMTOWN Live' on the 8th for Shindong, as they had an SM STATION song together. After the duo performed "Marry Man" together, they also performed UV's hit "Itaewon Freedom".

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However, while explaining one of their choreography moves, the comedian said, "If you raise your arm only partly, you look like a cripple." The term used (byungshin) is usually translated to 'retard', but is more literally a derogatory term to describe the physically disabled.

The audience was shocked by his curse and immediately took to Twitter to demand an apology as well as official feedback from both Yoo Se Yoon and SM Entertainment. Yoo Se Yoon has already once before in 2015 been under fire for his cursing on broadcast.

What do you think of the situation?
  1. Yoo Se Yoon

bazakahiv (Banned) 14 days ago

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

johwa  bazakahiv (Banned) 14 days ago

it's illegal to solicit for sex on-line...!!!

no_tofu_speed 14 days ago

The word translates close to "retard", but you generally call someone this if they did something completely idiotic. But it is pretty strong.. if I said it to some random person on the street there is a 50% chance they r going to want to fight or something.

smokeee no_tofu_speed 14 days ago

how about compared to pabo? since koreans use pabo all of the time and if u said that randomly to someone on the street they'd want to hit u too, correct?

herroworld smokeee 14 days ago

But babo has a very different connotation (like you wouldn't feel good hearing it, but the word carries a lot less weight) from the word that ysy used :/

chaelicen smokeee 13 days ago

바보 (pronounced pabo) is a lightly used term. it can be roughly translated to "stupid". therefore, it is not as heavy and weight-bearing as the word he used. 바보 is NOT comparable to the word he used AT ALL.

no_tofu_speed 13 days ago

Yea as said above.. babo would probably be used in a range between the word "silly" to "stupid"... it can carry little weight, even be used kinda cute if you know the person, or it can be a little stronger... a comparison of strength would be like "you're silly/stupid" vs "you're a f**king retard"

mimichuuuu no_tofu_speed 13 days ago

Definitely would've been better if he said "바보 같아 보여요" (You look silly) or even "이상하네 같아 보여요" (You look weird) instead of what he said, but honestly, you can't get much worse than that, so anything could've been better lmao.

pink_oracle 14 days ago

Cutie888 pink_oracle 13 days ago

That's out president everyone! I'm very proud... "-"

pink_oracle Cutie888 13 days ago

We will all try our very hardest to forget he even happened.

_Jarhon 14 days ago

Now that's just retarded...

Longan_Lychee 14 days ago

Stupid ableist ass bastard. MR is not a joke.

hiroonakamura 14 days ago

90% of the people reading this article cant really say anything abt it though since none of us know korean well enough to understand the meaning behind the word he said

SahanaE hiroonakamura 14 days ago

What more meaning do you want. They clearly said that it's a derogatory term to describe disabled people so I think we can get a clear indication of the meaning behind the word. The whole point of this website is to translate for those who can't understand Korean. With your logic, then non English speaking Koreans can't comment on any racist comments made to them in English since they don't understand the meaning behind it.

BangtanAimee SahanaE 14 days ago

Except they incorrectly translate all the time sometimes intentionally to mislead or get more clicks causing fan wars and rumors and shit. I mean regardless I don't agree with what he said but i have many korean friends and they furher explain a lot to me. Im studying the language and sometimes words have many meanings or don't translate well in english or have a feeling or intent we don't understand. Allkpop generally does a shitty job of conveying this to the masses. Theyre just the fastest so we are forced to rely on them for news even if its often falsified, mistranslated or exaggerated.

SahanaE BangtanAimee 14 days ago

My point is that even if we don't have knowledge in the Korean language. It doesn't change the fact that it's a derogatory term so to say that we can't say anything because we don't know Korean is ridiculous. By that sense it would mean we can't comment or have an opinion on anything that's translated from Korean to English because we don't know deeper meanings.

BangtanAimee SahanaE 14 days ago

No i understand i dont completely agree with the original poster and comment like we cans till comment and have opinions im just also pointing out that allkpop is really bad with a lot of translations. But regardless I don't think any kind of derogatory term in korean or english is ok.

hiroonakamura SahanaE 14 days ago

what more do i want? Well, for starters I would want people to not go by second hand information . Especially when that second hand source has a history of poorly translating things. If i dont know Korean, I cant possible understand how that particular word is understood by people in Korea unless I get info abt it from someone in Korea - not a website based in New Jersey

SahanaE hiroonakamura 14 days ago

If you don't want second hand information then why are you on this site in the first place because according to you no information about Korea is legit unless it comes from someone who resides in Korea.

herroworld hiroonakamura 14 days ago

Hiiii native Korean speaker here. He shouldn't have used the word. End of story. (belatedly realized this is the internet and probably no one will believe me but i'm putting this here anyways bc it was wrong of him to use that word.)

chaelicen hiroonakamura 13 days ago

hiiii korean-born and korean-raised person here. he shouldn't have used that word in that context. you don't use that word, unless you're with your closest friends, maybe? it's the equivalent of the word "retard", basically.

hiroonakamura chaelicen 13 days ago

thanks! this is the kind of source i want before forming an opinion about something as serious as this :)

hiroonakamura SahanaE 13 days ago

not really the same is it though? news = news? not always. This article is about the connotations of ONE WORD whereas most articles on this site are about songs/MVs being released or rumours about things. Apples and oranges are things that shudnt be compared imo

Cutie888 SahanaE 13 days ago

Allkpop is like google translate

smokeee 14 days ago

typical politically correct low iq's

Marksonforever_1 14 days ago

LisannaMint 14 days ago

Well shucks. What shall I ever do now that this man has dared to utter such an... such an atrocious word! *faints* ...jk *begins to type with astounding fury*

michinpabo 14 days ago

I am offended!........ by those outfits.

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