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SECRET's Hyosung flaunts her toned body in a tropical print bikini

By KpopJoA   11 days ago   33,167   2,413   2



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SECRET's Hyosung posed in a tropical print bikini while attending a recording session for MBC Every1's 'Video Star.'

So why the bikini photo shoot? It was due to a promise she had previously made vowing to do a bikini photo shoot if the viewer ratings exceeded 1%.

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In regards to this, Koyote's Bbaek Ga volunteered to be the photographer on set as Hyosung made various gestures flaunting her toned body.

Meanwhile, her full bikini photoshoot is scheduled to be released on July 11. You can check out some of the photos from the studio below.

  1. Hyosung

last2bfree 11 days ago

where that secret album though??

michigoh 11 days ago

what happened to her voluptuous body?!!! now it just looks so "toned"...

badjainna 11 days ago

It seems like she did surgery, i couldn't recognize her til she do the gum smile.

Gaming_Haku 11 days ago

this page. is scamming. not even a shread part of her 'toned' body shown. FUCK.

pink_oracle 11 days ago

At this point Secret has become so irrelevant you can just call her 'Hyosung with the boobs'.

MyTwoCent 11 days ago

It looks like she lost more weight (and a new face??)...whatever boobage size deflates during weight loss (first place girls lose the fat people lol). notice how she is wearing a more fuller flouncy top?  ...tricks of the trade y'all.

lovelunaa 11 days ago

She looks so plastic now.. Hyosung-ah what happened to your old face and charming gummy smile? korean industry is really so sad...

Exo_Leia 11 days ago

Freaking pretty <3

nabu_san 11 days ago


krell 11 days ago

HYOSUNG was *excellent* for 'YES Undergarments' Promotional Photo Shoots. And she has a 'full figure' look that a *lot* of S.KOREAN women *like* it.

Wang_Sejung krell 11 days ago

I am waiting for your pervert wanker friend BigBlueagain comment!

krell Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

@Wang_Sejung <--

Wang_Sejung krell 11 days ago

Hey Krevice from the day after tomorrow I will be less present in AKP for at least 1 month. My parent sending me to Jeju-do to concentrate in my PhD thesis and to finish it. You will be free to spread your shit freely in AKP for 1 month!!! Enjoy yourself.

llanbull Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

Just 1 month. Why not make it permanent. lol.

Wang_Sejung llanbull 11 days ago

Because I can't live for ever in Jeju.

BigBlueagain Wang_Sejung 11 days ago


Wang_Sejung BigBlueagain 11 days ago

why bullshit wanker? You are going to jerk off during one month, and no one is going to denounce your shameless sin! It's not great?

BigBlueagain Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

Bullshit that you are in Korea. Bullshit that you are attending SNU. Bullshit that you're going to Jeju. Bullshit that you are anything you've claimed.

Wang_Sejung BigBlueagain 11 days ago

So Mr Bullshit, tell me why I am going to be absent for 1 month?

BigBlueagain Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

You didn't have enough to pay your bill and you're hoping mommy will lend you the money to pay it.

Wang_Sejung BigBlueagain 11 days ago

what's the relationship between being absent for 1 month and my mother who is going to pay my bill? please use your brain instead of your tiny dick! Be logic!

Wang_Sejung BigBlueagain 11 days ago

Anyway, it's going to be your happy days. just wanking, wanking and wanking and no one is going to bother you! But please buy Kleenex! Your unlucky mother can't wash your blanket every fucking day that you are masturbating!

BigBlueagain Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

You really are a fucking idiot. Just do what you said you are gonna do and leave. No one wants your perverted sickassed self here.

Wang_Sejung BigBlueagain 11 days ago

And I guess everyone wants you disgusting pervert here?

BigBlueagain Wang_Sejung 11 days ago


Wang_Sejung BigBlueagain 11 days ago

and you are 6th most hated of the week, 5th most hated of the month,2 most hated of the year, and 3thd most hated of all the times!!! And I am not making 6 or7 fakes accounts like you to downvote you!

BigBlueagain Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

Unlike you, there are more people who like what I post than hate it. You are 1st or 2nd most hated in all categories. And never liked. And I don't make fake accounts. They just all don't like you. Sux ta b u liar. Now run along and go play with your imaginary friends. They're the only ones who will have you.

Wang_Sejung BigBlueagain 11 days ago

I am going to play with my true friends and you go downvote comments with your fake accounts and continue wanking with a picture of our girls, but use Kleenex. Keep your blanket clean.

BigBlueagain Wang_Sejung 11 days ago

We don't need to know that you're going to play with yourself Roi. That's just disgusting.

Wang_Sejung BigBlueagain 11 days ago

Disgusting is what you are doing in your cave, watching porn and masturbating old fart!

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