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Red Velvet to be the first host of non-live version of 'SNL Korea'

By GhostWriter   18 days ago   20,151   6,248   0



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Red Velvet will be the first hosts of the non-live version of 'SNL Korea'!

A few weeks ago, we reported that 'SNL Korea 9' will be undergoing some changes as they decided to pre-record things on the day before the show airs instead of doing it live like they have been for 9 seasons.

Park Soo Hong will be the final host of the live version of 'SNL Korea' scheduled to air on July 8. The show will then take a two-week break before Red Velvet appears on the show. Red Velvet will participate in the filming of the show on July 21 and the 'SNL Korea' episode featuring the girls will air on July 22.

This will be the first time for Red Velvet to appear on 'SNL Korea' so there is a lot of excitement. Are you excited to see Red Velvet on 'SNL Korea'?

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pink_oracle 17 days ago

'Saturday Night Pre-Recorded'. Doesn't sound nearly as edgy and fun.

xhsisamanie 17 days ago

It's not SNL then >.>

whatever101 17 days ago

"non live" OF COURSE an SM group would be involved in something involving "control"

Dealphi whatever101 17 days ago

there a plenty of people from sm that was in SNL before stupid

liviekate 17 days ago

anything but this but ok

ChaosTheory 17 days ago


sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

^ Not this im talking about the one on the floor.. all shelled up on the flooring.. sleeping bag for kakuna.

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

Oh yeha you look cool in there!!

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

It seems nice to place and rest before an exam. Can just chill there and destress. Then maybe se7en eleven service you.

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

i forgot talking about sleepy i want those japanese sleepy cocoon

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

im so sleepy guys im going to put my head down on the table. cu

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

3.99 for shadow of morrdor its a fun game trust me.. i preview it on coastal torrent. its super fun and cost of gum

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

do not buy that staged game tekken.. that is actulally NOT mma , not a sport.. take that down.

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

oh yeahh!! everyone is having a sale except a few of them.. thanks for your 10 dollars off coupon. how about i just buy 20 indie games.

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

Guys.. mma this week = Michael jackson retains via 2nd round brutality.

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

Overeem ko werdum. .. michael johnson ko that guy who he say mean stuff "did y our ___ procreate with your___.. or who ___ who? did your grandmother -___ your ___. It was really horrible mean things that means people will make the lines closer because they are emotion invested they can relate to that. mj ko tound 1 moonlande haymaker RIP trust me im perfect at predicting the mma

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

oh man.. that valentian girl is tough but shes a tiny girl and michael jackson is giant etti. gonna be a bloody face and ktfo . poor her

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

i cant wait for floyd vs horn. thats the fight ppl want since hagler hearns

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

whittaker brutal ko round 1

sicalickabff (Banned) 18 days ago

can thank me later when you see its all correct once again. i am just used to it im not even gonna bet im saving for conor +1000 odds

FriedChickenLove 18 days ago

Saturday Not Live

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