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'Produce 101' trainee that was accused of sexual harassment reveals story was made up by his label?

By jennywill   17 days ago   74,662   3,085   0



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A 'Produce 101' trainee has accused his label of noise marketing.

Jung Joong Ji (now Jung Mo Sae) had been accused of sexual harassment during 'Produce 101', and had as a result suffered from low ranking even though he had denied it on his SNS.

On the 2nd, he posted a photo of the rain and wrote, "I can't go because of the rain. I'm sad, and I'm envious of the trainees who succeeded. I couldn't even attend. My label wanted to do some noise marketing and spread weird rumors. My life was ruined and I left that label. No one knows the truth, but people just curse me out. It's so hard. I didn't commit any crime. I'm not a criminal. It was all made up.. but will anyone believe me?"

The post has currently been deleted. What do you think of the situation?
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    Lee_Yann 16 days ago

    What the hell did that company think? Just tell me where did they put their brains -.-

    allkpopellie 16 days ago

    This broke my heart :(.

    circadianite 17 days ago

    Either his company is entirely staffed by morons or that's bullshit. I know which one I think it is

    whatever101 17 days ago

    WHAT?!!! in what country exactly is being mixed into a sexual harassment rumor a GOOD thing? Im convinced the CEO secretly hated him and did this to ruin him cause you've got be kidding me they couldn't have come up with some better media play than this!!

    kruton whatever101 16 days ago

    There's a saying, "All publicity is good publicity."

    Tylialist whatever101 16 days ago

    It could be that his company made up the rumor so they could later defend him and make him look better in the face of false accusations? like try to gain fans by proving he was innocent and getting pity votes? idk who knows :/

    Love_Han 17 days ago

    if he could, he needs to sue them asap. that ruined his life basically. i bet he cant really do anything rn since he's probably labeled as some sex offender :(((

    AlainaExo_OT12 17 days ago

    I feel like the first season had no agency interruptions with the program which resulted in having barely any wrong with it. * except everything that mnet did😒* whereas the 2nd season because there were agency's maybe having discussions with the producers it was different. Or.... I've just been watching too many KDramas and it just happens that way😅😝😂

    crystalCassie91 17 days ago

    Well, we have to admit. All those scandals arising one after the other for the members.. It was quite ridiculous and almost seemed intentional.. And almost all the members got attention from it.. heck one of them even made it till the end because of the scandal.. So, it's not too hard to believe that the dirty labels would do this..

    veronicavivian crystalCassie91 17 days ago

    Four people made it to the final despite having scandals, but if they made it there is because their fandoms were big enough beforehand. Otherwise they would have ended like this guy, eliminated.

    AlainaExo_OT12 crystalCassie91 17 days ago

    That's what I was thinking aswell. It was really wierd that there were so many scandals like literally one after the other😅 Then I was like I'm sure there were barely any scandals during Season 1 so why so many in the next season🤔

    veronicavivian AlainaExo_OT12 17 days ago

    That's because boy groups are more popular than girl groups. The biggest demographic of k-pop fans is from women aged 10's-30's. The level of dedication fangirls have for male idols is very different compared to female idols. And as this was a competitive show, most of the scandals were started by akgaes fans on communities like Pann and Instiz.

    JM212 veronicavivian 16 days ago

    I know Daniel and Youngmin both had scandals but who else in the final had a scandal?

    veronicavivian JM212 16 days ago

    It's not really a scandal, but both Haknyeon and Hyungseob got a lot of criticism for their "bad attitude" in the show which affected their ranking a lot.

    AlainaExo_OT12 veronicavivian 16 days ago

    Yh, it's true😏 But I do prefer boy groups over girl groups though

    mind_blown 17 days ago

    Woooooooooow I would be fuming. If its true he should sue the agency for defamation of caracter. Cause they pretty much ruined his life and his chances of being successful in the industry. That's just foul.

    chanyeolisbae867 17 days ago

    That agency must be crazy..

    hiroonakamura 17 days ago

    why did he delete it? also - poor guy. that was the dumbest piece of noise marketing I've ever seen from his label

    alt829 hiroonakamura 17 days ago

    Maybe his company threatened to sue, but what a shit company, they ruined him

    Kpoppy007 alt829 17 days ago

    Too bad, I hope people who supported him show some interest. I mean I would hate to see this guy do something stupid because of this issue. Also I had no idea he had this scandal.

    alt829 Kpoppy007 17 days ago

    Yea tbh there was alot of sexual harassment and bully scandals/rumors surrounding this season, I had to go back and look up this trainee because I was getting confused with another trainee

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