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Preview for next week's 'A Hyung I Know (Knowing Brothers)' features Zico and Yonghwa!

By mkim93   23 days ago   28,252   4,610   0



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CNBLUE's Yonghwa and Block B's Zico will be appearing on the show 'A Hyung I Know (Knowing Brothers)' next week and the preview has been released!

In the funny preview, both Yonghwa and Zico has hilarious interactions with the cast of the show. While Yonghwa showed his close relationship with Kang Ho Dong, Zico rapped "Bermuda Triangle" for the viewers. In addition, the two guests created much laughter in the studio by displaying their unique and individual skills. 

Stay tuned for the next episode of 'A Hyung I Know (Knowing Brothers)!

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Miyaka08 22 days ago

I cannot help but stare at Yonghwa... I know he is gorgeous... but he is soooo gorgeous on this one... CNBlue members are getting hotter and hotter to be honest... ♥♥♥

wexonex3 22 days ago

OMG! I have been waiting for Yonghwa to appear on this show! can't wait!!!

LadyVampAsia 23 days ago

Isn't anyone going to mention how gorgeous HEECHUL looks as a girl at the end? That lollypop, lol

MULTI_Fandom0808 23 days ago

Blackpink in your showwwwww next week ryt heechul?

ZaraBBIKON2NEWIN 23 days ago

YESSSSS! Love them both.

yawoxupu (Banned) 23 days ago

This comment has been removed due to violation of our TOS. (Reason: spammer)

UKihyun 23 days ago i long to hit that

ABlood 23 days ago

I'll be honest with y'all I don't watch Knowing bros episodes when there are only male guests

Thebirth ABlood 23 days ago

I suggest you do lol, they are more savage when there are male guests.

mypcy Thebirth 23 days ago

I know. Like, I'm okay with the gyungs treating the girls nice but I do like Heechul's savaged comment about them (smoking). But when it comes to male guests, they are really more savaged.

Thebirth mypcy 23 days ago

yh lol, they are gentler with girls, but savageness reach 100% when is a male guesting the show lol

ABlood Thebirth 23 days ago

Since they changed the time of the show they are not that savage anymore, not even girl groups or actresses were safe from them back then

Thebirth ABlood 23 days ago

in Apink's epiosde they were quite savage, they did tone it down like in ep 76 and 78, but it makes me happy to see them getting more fame doe, they struggled a lot in the beginning, now they are becoming huge.

ABlood Thebirth 23 days ago

The beginning was quite bad imo, I struggled to watch, but when they changed the concept to brother school it was amazing. Still, I disagree that they toned down only in episode 76 and 78, I only noticed a Heechul and a Kyung hoon more controlled, not saying it isn't funny, but it used to be more.

K_POP_Chingu ABlood 23 days ago

I noticed them being controlled as well.

Thebirth ABlood 23 days ago

Yh i agree, back then it would have Heechul running and overshadow Naeun when dancing Psy's new face. Now to me it seems they are allowing the guest to show more of themselves.

SecondLeadQueen5 ABlood 22 days ago

It's funnier with the male guests in my opinion. Lol.

boiceherenthere 23 days ago

Everytime I hear that song ...

BlueSapphire00 boiceherenthere 23 days ago


1011 23 days ago

I love their new uniforms! Looking forward for Yonghwa as well, I didn't know he's one of Kang Ho Dong's line lol

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