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Ong Sung Woo unable to attend SURPRISE U's showcase, Wanna One scheduled for jacket photoshoot

By beansss   17 days ago   24,979   3,789   0



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Fantagio has announced that trainee Ong Sung Woo will ultimately be unable to attend SURPRISE U's debut showcase, taking place this July 7. 

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Previously, it was said that Ong Sung Woo would likely attend the newly debuting actor group's debut showcase, since he is close to the SURPRISE U members. However, additional reports revealed that Wanna One will be carrying out their debut jacket photoshoot on the same day, on July 7. 

YMC Entertainment stated, "Wanna One will be having their album jacket photoshoot today. Their debut title song has not been decided yet, and the album's structure is under discussion. They have not recorded yet." 

On July 7, Fantagio's new actor group SURPRISE U will be holding their debut showcase, launching their debut web drama as well as performing songs from their debut mini album live. Meanwhile, Wanna One will be kicking off their promotions with their Mnet reality 'Wanna One Go!' this August 4. 

Good luck to them both!

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krystalanne 16 days ago

Why would Ong attend Surprise U's debut showcase when he isn't a member of that group. His main priority is Wanna One and it is already written in their contract that they can't do any project outside of Wanna One or with their original company. Besides Fantagio should promote the members of Surprise U well instead of always mentioning Ong. I have probably seen 5-6 articles of Ong relating to Surprise U but the members of Surprise U themselves don't have an article. Come on!!!

Jenny_Unnie krystalanne 16 days ago

which part of "They are close friends" you didn't understand?

ohmyastro krystalanne 16 days ago

Because he trained with them, was close to them and almost debuted with them? He would have attended as a guest like Hello Venus Lime & Yooyoung, Weki Meki Yoojung & Doyeon and Gong Myung; not like he would have joined them on stage to sing.

shawntrbl 17 days ago

I would say why cant ong join astro like yeri joined RV or yeonjung joined wjsn but i forgot they promote till 2018 ends..... So astro would be a 2 almost 3 yr group by then which at that point is kinda iffy but ong deff could be in astro with his talent and hes around their age. would be a shame if he wasnt in a idol group after wanna one though.

peach_peacha shawntrbl 16 days ago

would be effing if Ong join Astro..2 strong visuals aside Eunwoo..

ohmyastro shawntrbl 16 days ago

ASTRO trained together for years. Adding Seongwoo will only ruin their teamwork and by 2019 I'm sure ASTRO will be big enough that they don't need an extra member to push them. Seongwoo will either join Surprise U, debut as a solo act or will debut in a new boy group.

sototallyrandom 17 days ago

For a second there I thought Seongwoo was allowed to join Surprise U while promoting in Wanna One.

Max_South sototallyrandom 17 days ago

Surprise U's Ong fans versus Wanna One's Ong fans. :))))

vteebby 17 days ago

they're doing a jacket photoshoot without a concept, no title track decided? so their jacket photoshoot is it going to match their debut concept or what? they havent even recorded...

fanny_fanny94 vteebby 16 days ago

they might have chosen a few fixed concepts imo. Wether they'll be sticking on the jacket shoot concept for their debut song or they can do it contrary, e.g jacket shoot bright concept but debut song might be mature concept or vise versa. Or they can just do double versions for the mini album tho

gchoneybllushhh 17 days ago

lol, fantagio attaching Ong's name to every Surprise U article...

The End



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