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KBS' project to give 500 'failed' idols another chance will air in October

By jennywill   17 days ago   55,143   4,747   117



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KBS has confirmed their giant project to give 'failed' idols another chance.

They will be going ahead with  'The Final 99 Match' (title pending) for idols who have debuted but didn't make it into the spotlight. The planned budget for the show is 7 billion KRW (approximately 6.2 million USD), and when the show was first reported in May, the show was still in the planning process. 

However, now the show has been confirmed, and has designated PDs. CP Han Kyung Chun of 'Music Bank' will be the main producer, and will be backed by 'Happy Together 3', 'Win Win', and 'Gag Concert's PD Park Ji Young, 'Human Condition's PD Won Seung Yeon, and 'Song Fight's PD Son Soo Hee.

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They are recruiting 500 idols - 250 male and 250 female - that have already released songs. There will be two teams in the end made of 9 members (one male, one female). They will not be taking any trainees.

The show will air starting in October.

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    1. misc.

    fantastikforce 12 days ago

    Failed is such a harsh word, think underrated should be used instead. There are plenty of talented yet very underrated K-Pop Idols/Groups I can think of. Would be good to see them on the show and get that recognition they deserve.

    BBFOR5VER 16 days ago

    Seriously another stupid one..this is starting to become annoying tbh

    X_CLAN 16 days ago

    I stan so many underrated groups and i wanted my fav boy groups and girl groups to join this show so that they could get more exposure and popularity, but i dont want the public to consider them as "fail". That word is so harsh. Who wants to label your fav idol that has worked so hard to fulfill their dreams but doesn't really make it due to the saturated competition in kpop world nowadays as fail?? This is a good opportunity for groups in small companies tho. Idk...

    heeheehe 16 days ago

    500??? I'm sorry that's just overkill. I can already feel the mess

    Twzzlers 16 days ago

    Maybe I'm one of the few that actually like this. I am thinking about the lesser known people that also had something bad happen to their group so they had to disband or just disbanding in general since their company isn't promoting them. Like GLAM and Global Icon (these were the girl groups that I really liked besides 2ne1 that disbanded/inactive)LC9, etc. But I can see the negatives with this, I hope all goes well and there is no "evil"editing

    Mo0nlyte 16 days ago

    There are a lot of talented people from a lot of groups that were never noticed. There are certainly some people I can think of that I hope will participate in this. Though I wonder if it will exclusively feature inactive/disbanded people or will there be people from active groups that are just not very popular.

    samael 16 days ago

    so a new boyband is  gonna happen, since we all know boys just get more votes then girls, in general.

    Bule_Ciel 16 days ago

    Can someone name the so-called "Failed Idols?"

    steadystrike 16 days ago

    Failed is a strong word. I think lesser known is more appropriate in my opinion.

    pink_oracle 16 days ago

    The concept sounds kinder then Produce 101's, that has already debuted idols quitting their groups so their agencies can submit them as trainees. But I'm sure this show will be riddled with unfair treatment and controversies too.

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