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Black Pink talk about their close friendship with the members of TWICE and GOT7

By yckim124   15 days ago   118,607   20,337   0



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Black Pink talked about their close idol friends on SBS Power FM 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time'.

On the July 7 airing, Jennie and Jisoo revealed that they're close friends with Nayeon of TWICE. Jennie said, "I knew Nayeon since trainee days. I'm able to remain close with her because our promotion period overlaps often. I always go say hi to her when we both perform at the same broadcast station."

Rose shared next, and revealed, "I'm close with TWICE's Chaeyoung. We have the same name because my real name is Park Chae Young." 

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Lastly, Lisa talked about her friendship with GOT7's BamBam. She explained, "I knew him since we were little." 

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ryan23 12 days ago

but like how did nayeon meet jennie and jisoo tho?

vierrastreet 13 days ago

Thats my girl Jennie ! And jisoo too

RimmieMeli 13 days ago

Finally spoke about it

shubhajan 14 days ago

Nayeon and Jeenie!!

kdramafaaan 14 days ago

I love it when idols interact with one another. I wish they can do it more often without getting backlash for it

lolhaha 14 days ago

How do trainees know each other? Besides switching companies, do they hang out or take the same classes?

daphxxxiiiiiyg lolhaha 14 days ago

jyp and yg are close, maybe they held some assessment together like in WIN

Atbash 14 days ago

We always cheer Black Pink up due they are an awesome group. I like their songs a lot. We respect BLINK so much due they do for their girls what we do for ours. Unfortunately we don't have too much contact with BLINKS. And to the people saying about "FAN WARS", there is NO fan war with them or with another fandom AT ALL. If you all see people saying, bashing and attacking another groups or fandoms in the name of "ONCE", well, that's not a ONCE. ONCE would never attack another group due that affects our girls, and our fandom. A real ONCE respect all the other groups and their fandoms, the REAL members of the other fandoms, not the trolls that are the ones spreading hate in this website and through another sources. ONCE loves BP, same as our girls TWICE do. #onceofficial

OnceArmyExo_l12 14 days ago

I wish their friendship could stop all the fan wars between Onces and Blinks...

makan OnceArmyExo_l12 14 days ago

Agreed, real fans of K-pop would not want other groups to fail just so their group looks better. And loving your bias doesn't mean you need to hate other groups.

imJooyeon 14 days ago

LOL, Rose is a savage: "I'm close with Chaeyeoung because we have the same name" hahahahahahaha.

And_I_Quote 14 days ago

I think it'd be cool if Lisa, Bambam, Sorn, & Ten were all friends ^^

shineedork And_I_Quote 14 days ago

Mint and Nickhun too no?

deza7744 And_I_Quote 14 days ago

Think she is friends with Sorn as well as Nickhun she said in an interview

Marea_Jung And_I_Quote 14 days ago

they are actually

And_I_Quote Marea_Jung 14 days ago

I know some of them are friends (Lisa, Bambam, & Sorn) but I was meaning all of them in a group :)

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