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Watch TWICE debut with Japanese version of 'TT' on Japan's 'Music Station'!

By yckim124   22 days ago   42,324   5,466   0



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TWICE had their debut stage with ''TT'' on Japan's 'Music Station'!

The girl group recently made their official debut in Japan with 1st Japanese album '#TWICE'. The new release immediately placed 2nd on Japan's Oricon Daily Album Chart on the day of release

TWICE also snagged the chance to perform on 'Music Station' - a top Japanese music program broadcasted on TV Asahi. The only K-Pop groups to perform on 'Music Station' are KARABig BangGirls' GenerationSHINeeTVXQ2PM, and 2NE1

On June 30, TWICE, the first K-Pop girl group to perform on 'Music Station' since 2012, took over the stage with their bubbly charms. 

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Watch their adorable stage in the clip!

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Asucchan91 21 days ago

I'm not hating but... sometimes I wonder why people keep prefering looks to real talent... their vocals are not getting better, the only ones who sounded better was of course the Japan Line since they were singing in their mother language

blaX3 Asucchan91 20 days ago

they have good personalities and get in touched with fans the most. Visual and talent are not the only point that makes idol an idol. They are many underrated idols that have good visual and talent (both singing and dancing) too. I am a huge fan of Twice but also listen to most of kpop idols. There are actually lots of underrated songs better than Twice's. But Twice members are really lovely. We fans feel close to them because they almost everyday vlive with fans. Hmm.. my point is just... Twice is not only famous with their visual. Their variety talent is better than most idols too, which I mean they are very funny girls.

YesIAm 21 days ago

Lol again with the first shit again. Btw this is their worst vocal since the last time they open their mouth

baekhaewon 21 days ago

I feel like Mina and Tzuyu sounded the best. Mina's vocals sound a lot more confident in Japanese!

whatever101 21 days ago

I dont remember the last time a K-pop artist made their 1st Music Station appearance so TWICE appearing is definitely IMPRESSIVE even if no doubt JYP's influence had some part in it since heck not even BTS has managed to get an invite yet

megamanx whatever101 21 days ago

It does help that they have multiple Japanese members.

intricate 21 days ago

they -really- need to change those lyrics.... T_T

intricate 21 days ago

good grief.. i really hope they do well in japan... :/ if only they had done an original japanese release instead of a remake.

OhMyGuy 21 days ago

That fake clapping at the end made me laugh, no shade, it was just an odd choice using such an obviously fake clap

bubble4 21 days ago

Congratulations bubbly colorful TWICE... TT logo on Tokyo Tower.. Big poster appear on Shibuya.. Music Station first performance.. And 3 Japanese in their group finally debut on their own country... Congrats.. As long as girl group building their dreams and receive recognition I couldnt help but proud... You go girls!!!

riia_jackson 21 days ago

why the hell dress them like that tho , they had many cooler outfits be4 !!

nami_chan 21 days ago

Queens of japan. By the way, chaeyoung looks great with long hair.

Kurapikaaa 21 days ago

Yikes. I'm sure their fans will only heard perfection and act confused when people criticise Twice's performance. Yes, this performance was amazing. We are indeed haters, that's the only explanation. Keep telling yourselves that.

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