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Hyorin x Kisum get 'Fruity' in colorful MV!

By elliefilet   29 days ago   14,572   1,846   0



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Hyorin and Kisum have dropped their music video for "Fruity"!

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"Fruity", produced by Groovyroom, sounds like a song with summer in mind, and former SISTAR member Hyorin carries the track with Kisum jumping in for a rap. Like the title itself, the MV features a refreshing and colorful atmosphere as the girls enjoy a round of games and iced tea at an ice cream parlor.

Check out the MV above, and let us know what you think of "Fruity" in the comments below!
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SistarMyQueens 28 days ago

There's a little bit of music video in your advertisement.

centen 28 days ago

Her new company certainly moved fast, but it makes sense. Sistar always slayed summer releases. It'd be weird to have the season pass by without Hyorin.

kentv centen 28 days ago

Actually this is still under Starship apparently.

centen kentv 28 days ago

Oh, weird! I remember seeing that she left (Bora and Dasom stayed? iirc), so I just assumed. I wonder what happened.

kentv centen 28 days ago

Soyou and Dasom re-signed with Starship. Bora signed elsewhere. Hyorin has not signed anywhere yet. This was likely already produced or contracted for prior to their contract ending or Hyorin was willing to do this under the terms of her prior contract with Starship. I think you might be getting confused over the fact that Hyorin was the member of Sistar that at least publicly decided not to continue in Sistar, which resulted in the group disbanding, but she didn't say she was necessarily leaving Starship. She may sign elsewhere, stay with Starship, or stay a free agent for a while working under her old deal with Starship. She's yet to make up her mind apparently. Even though Hyorin may have been the one who decided she didn't want to continue with Sistar, that doesn't mean she was completely alone in that decision. She may have just been the first to voice that and was willing to be the "face" of that decision as the group's leader. Often others in a group are thinking the same thing, that it is time to move on, but don't want to be the bad guy that gets associated with ending a popular act. I think the others kind of wanted to move on to other things too. Bora obviously moved very quickly away from music and girl groups going to an acting agency, and Dasom is apparently going to be focusing on acting under Starship.

ani07 29 days ago

ok, so... is it an advertisement or is it not? lol

kentv ani07 28 days ago

It certainly looks like a song written for an ad campaign. Hyorin has done similar ads that had a music video element. This may be a hybrid though where it isn't officially an ad, but it is a well compensated product placement.

BigBlueagain 29 days ago

I like the CF, it is a summer bop. But I gotta say I like her in a group better.

renyrells 29 days ago

hyorin and kisum? i looked it up in the old family cook book that is in fact, the recipe for jam. and for a completely explainable reason i have the urge for lipton tea

ShayMin 29 days ago

Summer Jam right here.

vyonce 29 days ago

songs good

aldebaran 29 days ago

So, did Hyorin signed again with starship?

kentv aldebaran 28 days ago

This was probably already finished being produced before her contract ended. She nor Starship have announced anything, so she likely is still working with Starship for now under her prior deal. That's actually pretty common while an artist weighs their free agent options.

JohnF 29 days ago

They couldn't even be bothered to put Kisum in the video?

lunachick415 29 days ago

That product placement, though, lol. But it's such a bop, and Kisum's RAP!

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