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Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for the month of May 2017

By GhostWriter   20 days ago   17,252   3,298   19



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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

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Check out the chart rankings for the month of May 2017 (May 1 - May 31) below!

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

RankArtist & TitleAgency & Distributor
1Psy - I Luv itYG / Genie music
2Psy - New FaceYG / Genie music
3Unnies - Right?KBS Media / Loen
4Suran ft. Changmo (Produced by Suga) - If I Get Drunk TodayMillion Market / Loen
5IU ft. G-Dragon - PaletteFave Ent / Loen
6TWICE - SIGNALJYP / Genie music
7Sechskies - Be WellYG / Genie music
8WINNER - Really ReallyYG / Genie Music
9hyukoh - TOMBOYHIGHGRND / Genie music
10Hyorin x Changmo - Blue MoonStarship / Loen

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking

RankArtist & AlbumAlbum SalesDistributor
1Seventeen - AI1259,364Loen
2TWICE - SIGNAL248,550Genie Music
3ASTRO - Dream Part.0177,356Interpark
4VIXX - Shangri-La73,116CJ E&M
5iKON - NEW KIDS _ BEGIN49,380Genie Music
6Sechskies - The 20th Anniversary45,185 (Total Sales: 75,185)Genie Music
7Highlight - Calling You31,651Loen
8Kyuhyun - Goodbye For Now25,997Genie Music
9Lovelyz - 2nd Album Repackage Now, We24,862CJ E&M
10SF9 - Breaking Sensation

16,892 (Total Sales: 27,360)Loen

Online Downloads For The Month

RankArtist & TitleDownload CountLabel & Distributor
1Psy - I Luv It495,775YG / Genie Music
2Unnies - Right?461,493KBS Media / Loen
3Psy - New Face449,645YG / Genie Music
4TWICE - SIGNAL432,682JYP / Genie Music
5Suran ft. Changmo (Produced by Suga) - If I Get Drunk Today373,907Million Market / Loen
6IU ft. G-Dragon - Palette336,442Fave Ent / Loen

Sechskies - Be Well

289,931YG / Genie Music
8Han Dong Geun - Crazy274,741Pledis / Loen
9WINNER - Really Really266,953YG / Genie Music
10hyukoh - TOMBOY257,665HIGHGRND / Genie Music

Online Streams For The Month

RankArtist & TitleStreaming CountLabel & Distributor
1Suran ft. Changmo (Produced by Suga) - If I Get Drunk Today26,889,998Million Market / Loen
2IU ft. G-Dragon - Palette26,500,399Fave Ent / Loen
3Psy - I Luv It22,826,190YG / Genie Music
4WINNER - Really Really

20,853,780YG / Genie Music
5Psy - New Face20,363,615YG / Genie Music
6IU with Oh Hyuk - Can't Love You Anymore19,826,242Fave Ent / Loen
7Unnies - Right?19,795,409KBS Media / Loen
8Hyorin x Changmo - Blue Moon18,338,173Starship / Loen
9hyukoh - TOMBOY
17,114,070HIGHGRND / Genie Music
10TWICE - Signal16,791,777JYP / Genie Music

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    1. Sechskies
    2. G-Dragon
    3. Hyorin
    4. Kyuhyun
    5. VIXX
    6. IU
    7. Seventeen
    8. Psy
    9. SUGA
    10. WINNER
    11. Han Dong Geun
    12. iKON
    13. Lovelyz
    14. TWICE
    15. hyukoh
    16. Oh Hyuk
    17. ASTRO
    18. Unnies
    19. SF9
    20. Suran
    21. Highlight
    22. gaon
    23. changmo

    kokita 18 days ago

     1Reply Report Share

    miyahh 19 days ago

    omaygad suran nailed it again! congrats to her song wine!

     0Reply Report Share

    federick 19 days ago

    Astro sold better than ikon!? WOW.

     0Reply Report Share

    Sam091094 19 days ago

    Lovelyz is not the list. ;( Oh well. Their's still next time.

     0Reply Report Share

    karylalala Sam091094 19 days ago

    they are actually #9 in physical sales., which is not bad, the only girl group together with twice :) but yeah, they deserve more :(

     0Reply Report Share

    Sam091094 karylalala 16 days ago

    Thanks for the info. That made my day.

     0Reply Report Share

    wonderboy47 20 days ago

    Twice's Physical sales never cease to surprise me! They get way more than 9 out of 10 boy groups these days. Also, I'm sure for June they will be higher in digital since Signal took so long to grow on people. It's still battling for number 1 now on Instiz and has been outlasting all of the previous chart toppers.

     0Reply Report Share

    nikynik345 20 days ago

    I'm sorry but I think someone needs to be honest and come out and say it, SIGNAL is not song of the year material, it's literally the worst sale performance in everything other than physical album sales that TWICE has ever done or at least since TWICE's debut! This is insane. Winner had more streams than TWICE in their SECOND month on the charts. I'm losing my mind.

     1Reply Report Share

    dope_5 nikynik345 20 days ago

    IKR? Although the song itself isn't that good. ONCE will still support TWICE, just because.

     0Reply Report Share

    kacichan nikynik345 19 days ago

    But I don't think anyone, not even the sane majority of ONCE would nominate Signal as a song of the year? I personally love the song but we all see the results..

     0Reply Report Share

    MagicWonder 20 days ago


     0Reply Report Share

    lighterxx 20 days ago

    Look at my Seventeen, killing physical sales *-*

     0Reply Report Share

    fantasticlau 20 days ago

    Man Winner did really, I mean REALLY REALLY well with this comeback. 2 months later the song still charts high. I'm very happy for them.

     1Reply Report Share

    latam_kpop 20 days ago

    Ok I missed the new about Genie adquiring/mergin with KT Music??? Any update please

     0Reply Report Share
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