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Eunjung looks back on T-ara's decade long career

By KpopJoA   28 days ago   18,251   2,455   0



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T-ara member Eunjung recently posed for 'Dazed Korea' latest issue.

Eunjung commented on her acting on 'Star Star Daughter-In-Law' and said, "Instead of focusing on looking pretty by myself, I feel it's more important for my character to shine."

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Onto T-ara's decade-long career, the singer-turned-actress commented, "It was a precious and a good time.I spent my entire 20s as a T-ara member. I suddenly received lots of love, and also criticism. Those very pieces have shaped me into who I am today. I would like to continue to live as T-ara's Eunjung for many years to come."


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its_queenbee 26 days ago

Always love her acting!  My forever kpop bias, in my forever bias kpop group ... T-ARA!

jesuistarajiyeon 28 days ago

I still remember her bullying hwayoung with a rice cake.

BigBlueagain jesuistarajiyeon 28 days ago

Everyone knows the truth now. No one believes that bitch was bullied about anything. She's a snake and deserves to be buried under the biggest rock that can be found and left there with her twin. Feel free to join with.

SNSDQUEENT_ARA jesuistarajiyeon 28 days ago

Fucking dumbass, that was just a cut from haters...if you watched the entire episode other members were also forced to eat rice cake as a forfeit ==

jesuistarajiyeon SNSDQUEENT_ARA 27 days ago

Shut your mouth

jesuistarajiyeon BigBlueagain 27 days ago

2vs 1 so fair

T61212 jesuistarajiyeon 27 days ago

I still remember how hwasnake played bully victim just to get attention from netz

Moomoomineelvis jesuistarajiyeon 27 days ago

She didnt bully her. On the plus side hwayoung is neither a snake nor fake. She denied being bullied many times. Knetz are the one who insisted that she was. Kinda like queens are doing hwayoung now? Everyone throw insults at everyone else and nobody calls out the fact that a few opinions shaped the lives of all of these women. Sad af.

its_queenbee jesuistarajiyeon 26 days ago

Seriously?! Your kind is just a waste of time! hahhaha .... Go, Eunjung! Hwaiting!!! Don't mind the antis and haters! They are the real bullies!

missyjojo88 28 days ago

She is very naturally beautiful. My forever Kpop bias.

T61212 28 days ago

She is so gorgeous 😍

T61212 28 days ago

T-ARA, the strongest girl group. Keep coming back even whole nation shit on them. Even most disgusting snake failed to destroy them.. They have all my respect.

BigBlueagain 28 days ago

This group would have been HUGE if not for that bitch and her drama. You keep doin you, Eunjung. T-ARA is da chit. :)

BigBlueagain 28 days ago

Poor Wangker. Your bitches lies got busted and now everyone knows the truth about her and her sister. Take notes, this is your future. ;)

QUEENZ6T_ARA 28 days ago

Talk about being loyal love you eunjung unnie I will be a fan of T-ARA and each member for so many years I don't care about T-ARA'S disbandment

Moomoomineelvis 28 days ago

Eujeung looks beautiful. I cant wait to check out the drama. T-ara every member past and present including hwayoung) hwaiting  👏🏽

ke6drt 28 days ago

omg gorgeous

Bearstea 28 days ago

I didn't really see her for her character until recently. Its been nice seeing the "mask" removed, which most idols manage to hide behind for the entirety of their career. The "mask" is her rapping/strong/sexy image. But she seems to be one of the most girly in all of T-ara. EunJung is very feminine and caring. I also noticed she likes to collect cute things. Hopefully she can show more of her true self in the future too!

Rand_Al_Thor Bearstea 28 days ago

I thought she was true to herself during wgm many times.

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